Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Believe I Saw Evil Today

I Believe I Saw Evil Today
By Stephen J. Gray

“All concerns of men go wrong when they wish to cure evil with evil.”


I believe I saw Evil today. I heard it speak. It was posturing and preening on the TV news while standing at a podium. It was celebrating death and destruction and an illegal war. It was dressed in an expensive suit had a shirt and tie, hair immaculately coiffured and face pasted in a smile. Its words were ones of praise and honour for a successful completion of bombing a country back to the dark ages. Evil praised the “brave acts” of releasing missiles and bombs on this country. It praised the winning of the “battle” that reduced a country to rubble. It talked of “human rights” and the end of barbarism after children and civilians were killed by evil’s own barbaric intervention.

Evil’s mission had blitzed and wasted a country in partnership with its evil family of allies, but they called themselves the country’s “friends.” Still, this is how evil operates it perverts the language and truth becomes lies and lies become truths. This is the only way evil can make its case. But, out of evil comes some “good?” So evil in its hypocrisy said it would help rebuild the country it destroyed. Yet, evil had at one time called this country a “staunch ally” and had supplied its dictator with weapons to suppress his own people. Evil, still consorts with other dictators even though their former “staunch ally” is now gone: murdered by evil’s “warriors of democracy.” Still, all is fair in love and war as the saying goes, and the show must go on and the villainous performers must perform on the world stage. So it’s on to find the next enemy and the next war to bring “democracy.”

Democracy is evil’s perverted battle cry as it consorts with other despots and dictators who suppress their own peoples’ freedoms. Meanwhile, evil talks “peace” through war and destruction. All this satanic mayhem is expensive. Bombing costs the taxpayers everywhere huge amounts of money, but that is the price evil imposes on you. “Bringing democracy” is not cheap and neither are the weapons of depraved intent. Evil profits from its evil work, and contracts would be awarded to those friends of evil who sanctioned and promoted this evil campaign.

Campaigns of terror, arrests and torture are now rampant in the country that evil had “liberated.” But, evil begets evil and evil thrives on hypocrisy. Evil leaders’ and its “warrior” partners led the fight from the rear, safely ensconced in their luxury surroundings paid for by the serfs they ruled over. Some of the serfs cheered evil and its workings. These were evils’ “useful idiots” who followed blindly the dictates of evil and believed evil could do no wrong. Evil had now tasted blood, and like a vampire was eager to participate in more wars. It was on a high and acting like it was a king in its kingdom. It was right royally inclined and its subjects were prisoners of its deluded hallucinations. Evil had a dream that was turning into a nightmare for sensible people. But in these perverted and morally bankrupt times evil is described as “good,” and that old saying comes to mind: “Woe to those who call evil good.”

Stephen J. Gray
November 27, 2011.

Note: See info below; then ask is this worthy of a “celebration?”

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