Monday, October 15, 2012

Humans with No Human Right

Note: I wrote this in 2008. SJG

“Each passing year brings new and more bizarre delusions being held up as truth”
( David Kupelian,  “ The Marketing of Evil” )

The truth is there are no human rights for the most vulnerable in Canada today, namely the innocent child in the mother’s womb. This little innocent can be killed right up to the moment of birth, provided she/he is not wanted. The killing of these little innocents is disguised under the evil marketing slogan of “choice.”

When animals are killed  the media shows the bloody mutilated bodies. We see  eagles, whales, bears, dogs, cats, seals, rabbits etc. subjected to inhumane acts. And one media article had the headline, “Rabbit-kill research may breach cruelty law”
 ( article at: ) 
Yet, people are criticized by most of the media if they show the cruelly dismembered, decapitated, disemboweled bodies of little babies slaughtered in abortion clinics, all because this evil is a considered acceptable  “choice.” What a dishonest and depraved society we live in that will not  show the evidence of the mutilated bodies of humans, but will show the mutilated bodies of animals.  had this headline: “Mother of Seven Arrested Without Warning for Showing Abortion Image”   

The article stated: “Six to eight police officers arrived and forcibly put [Mrs. Ryan]
 in a paddy wagon, while confiscating her sign and umbrella….”
The  article goes on to quote the lady’s husband Peter Ryan,
 "Here's the analogy," he said. "The Nazi death camps are exterminating Jews. Outside someone protests with an image of the Holocaust. The camp staff complains to police. The person is arrested as a criminal. The slaughter goes on. That's where we now are in this country."
 I believe he is bang on with that statement; this arrest smacks of Gestapo-like tactics. Just like Germany under Hitler, you can now get arrested for showing and speaking the truth in this country.

Furthermore, Canada’s political “leaders” are lacking in courage on this butchering of the innocents who are denied their human rights. Witness the political party leaders in the last election where  these  political parrots were trying to outdo each other in their support of abortion -all of them noisily  squawking from their political perches that they were supportive of  “freedom of choice.” What  hellish statements  from the mouths of supposedly intelligent people. And these “people” want the citizens of this country to vote for them. How can anyone with principles vote for any of them when they do not have the courage to speak out and stop the slaughter of the innocents who have no human rights.

But wait, the politicians are all in agreement that the country will have a “human rights museum.” What a bunch of hypocrites. There are no human rights accorded the child in the womb but they can give multi-millions of taxpayers dollars for a “human rights museum.” One wonders will this museum have a section  for the atrocities committed on these little victims who have NO HUMAN RIGHTS. Somehow, I doubt it. This type of killing is “legal” in Canada, and it must be kept hidden from sight.

“Out of sight out of mind,” so the saying goes. We are a country that has lost its sanity of mind. A university “honors” the foremost abortionist in the country. This man is hailed as a “hero” by some and his gory work is acclaimed as “helping women.” And what is this “help” he gives them? As a practitioner of “choice” he kills their unborn children.

And “choice” on abortion at a number of universities seems to be the only speech allowed. Student pro-life clubs have been refused legitimacy and their free speech has been suppressed by the student brown shirts on campus. A few years ago at the university of B.C. a pro-life display was attacked and vandalized by the student supporters of “choice.”  But, this is the state of Canada today, where free speech and free expression is under the heel of the jackboot, and  the  innocent child in the womb is denied his/her human rights.

Stephen J. Gray\
March 8, 2008.

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