Friday, February 8, 2013

Who Are We…?

We are the financial criminals “to big to fail”
We run the system: You can’t put us in jail
We are the food speculators in the commodities of nations
We make huge profits off hunger and starvation

We are the war makers and corporate warriors who never fight
We let others battle and die, while we hide out of sight
We are the profiteers and politicians of bloody death and destruction
We send your sons and daughters to war and give them instructions

We are the corporate cannibals of capitalism and communism
We are all in bed together in a money making heaven
We are the “market makers” and “free enterprise” entrepreneurs
We get bailed out by taxpayers, and some cynics call us bloodsucking whores

We are the leaders of the “international community”
We have been called war criminals, but we have immunity
We sell weapons to dictators, despots and to both sides in wars
We have no morals, ethics, decency or principles. But hey we profit off the gore

We kill children with drones and missiles in poor countries
We are the armchair assassins who press the deadly buttons
We work 9 to 5 in comfortable computer surroundings
We watch the killings and peoples homes taking a pounding

We are the elites who rule over and tax the obedient Serfs
We are the “eminent and honorable persons” who create hell on earth
We are the financial elite who control the money system
We are the ones who consort with dictators and bloody communism
Now you know who we are and what we really do
Does this information make you happy, or perhaps you already knew?
Anyway have a nice and pleasant day, while you are still “free”
Because the time is coming when you will ask: What happened and who are we?

Stephen J. Gray
February 8,2012.

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