Monday, April 14, 2014

Do the “Political Warriors” Want A World War Over Ukraine?

"When a major power acts in a way that is so clearly aggressive, militaristic and imperialistic, this represents a significant threat to the peace and stability of the world and it's time we all recognized the depth and the seriousness of that threat." Stephen Harper, in The Canadian Press, April 14, 2014. [1]

Oh really, P.M. Harper should tell that to the B.S. merchant in the big house of no shame that is spying on the whole world [1a] and is “militaristic and imperialistic,” and has his sycophants destroying homes and killing children with drones in other countries. [1b] And has numerous wars planned. [1c]

Mr. Harper should give his head a shake and put his brain box in motion and listen to this video [2] where some of his “allies” were plotting the takeover of the elected government of Ukraine. Still, not only does Stephen Harper fail to educate himself on who started all this dangerous brinkmanship, his media mouthpieces [3] have also covered up the evidence that is available, that shows “regime change” and a “coup” was plotted by Harper’s wonderful “allies.”  And of course his “allies” have a history of starting illegal wars [4] and causing devastation and destruction worldwide. And Harper is the guy who talks about a “threat to the peace and stability of the world.” He should tell that to his buddies in the Gang of 7 (G7) who have been up to their dirty necks in regime change around the world for years. Oh, I forgot, they call this “bringing democracy” and a “responsibility to protect.” Their last big victory along with NATO was Libya where they helped out Al-Qaeda, [5] a supposed enemy. But hey, these are our “great leaders” [6] who watch all the action in the safety of their bunkers. [6a] After all, you can’t expect the “international community” [6b] to be where the fighting is. Can you?

Anyway, I have a suggestion for Mr. Harper and his “pit bull” buddy Mr. Baird. If they really want some action get some combat gear on, head to Ukraine and lead the charge for war from the front lines along with your Gang of 7 (G7) and corporate, banking and media buddies. Let’s see you all really perform instead of shooting off your mouths while others have to do your and your allies dirty work. Let the “war business” and “war games for World Leaders” begin. [7]

Stephen J. Gray
April 14,2014.