Saturday, May 9, 2015

Could a Democracy Become a Dictatorship?

“Bill C-51, the anti-terrorism bill, passed third reading in the House of Commons last night as Conservative and Liberal MPs voted in favour of the bill, leaving only the NDP and Green opposed. It now heads to the Senate, which has already conducted most of its hearings on the bill. Those hearings – which have included Canadian Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien – have been better than the embarrassing Public Safety and National Security review (hearing by the numbers, witnesses, and clause-by-clause review), yet the outcome is almost sure to be the same. Bill C-51 is on a legislative fast track and Conservative Senators are incredibly unlikely to require amendments that would send the bill back to the House.” Michael Geist, May 7, 2015.

Is anyone really surprised that the Harper government has bulldozed Bill C-51 through parliament and that the Liberals voted with the Harper government? That old saying “Liberal, Tory same old story” is surely a truism. I believe what we are seeing in this country is a descent into a dictatorship. There is an old saying, “by their actions you will know them,” and that surely holds true of the Stephen Harper government. Anybody following the actions of Mr. Harper over the last number of years might surely ask, is he a danger to democracy? And does a mini-dictator rule Canada?

Mr. Harper also consorts with, and forms a “strategic partnership” with, the dictatorship in Communist China, a land that has been known to use slave labour and has exported poisoned goods, a land where many workers have committed suicide due to the bad working conditions and where women are coerced into forced abortions and people have been tortured for showing dissent.

Stephen Harper also helps sell arms to the Saudi dictatorship, the biggest be-headers in the world, and a country that reportedly funds terrorists. Therefore, one has to ask, is he a hypocrite on terrorism?

Surely this should make any thinking person ask, does Stephen Harper have questionable allies?  Yet, Mr. Harper says not a word about these treacherous “allies.” But instead joins a coalition that funds, arms and trains terrorists they are supposed to be fighting.

But don’t expect the corporate monopoly media to expose all the hypocrisy of this political “warrior.” They all endorsed him in the last election, and some of them have become propaganda pushers for Mr. Harper.

Still, one journalist and author did say this:
“Like all marketers, however, Harper doesn’t care about facts — just making the sale. It’s high time the journalism business started feeding this government back its record of deceit and dishonesty — and holding Harper to account.”
Michael Harris. ipolitics. Dec.11, 2014

“Accountability” was a word Mr. Harper liked to use; instead, we are seeing more and more hypocrisy from this so-called “conservative” government.  A former Conservative M.P had this to say about the Harper government:
“I barely recognize ourselves, and worse I fear that we have morphed into what we once mocked.” Former Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber   

The above information are some examples of the hypocrisy that emanates from the Harper Government.  This is a government that prorogued Parliament a number of times, has passed omnibus bills with little debate, and announces changes to old age security in Davos to a gathering of the world’s elite before discussing it in the Canadian parliament. Still, this is “democracy” in Harperland!

There are also his secretive, so-called, “free trade deals” that could result in loss of national sovereignty for Canada:

But hey, Mr. Harper is on record as saying, “You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it.”

Therefore, as I said earlier, nobody should really be surprised at the tactics of the Harper government on Bill C-51. It is just a continuation of the contempt I believe this man and his bootlickers in government have for democracy, the parliamentary system, and innocent human life. Not too long ago we had 491 babies born alive after failed killings by abortionists in Canada. They were then left to die. Were these not crimes of infanticide and crimes against humanity?

 Unfortunately Mr. Harper, who likes to use the words “rule of law,” did nothing about these atrocities. And this is the guy who is going to save us from terrorists? He cannot even protect the most vulnerable in our society, the pre-born child and those born alive after failed killings.  One can only say, “God help Canada.” Are you still allowed to say that in Harper’s Canada? A country, I believe, that appears to be transitioning from a democracy to a dictatorship.

“Dictators must have enemies. They must have internal enemies to justify their secret police and external enemies to justify their military forces.” – Richard Perle

Stephen J. Gray
May 9, 2015.

Some info at links below:

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper never tires of telling Canadians that we are at war with the Islamic State. Under the cloud of fear produced by his repeated hyperbole about the scope and nature of the threat, he now wants to turn our domestic spy agency into something that looks disturbingly like a secret police force.” Editorial, Globe and Mail, February 1, 2015.

“Police states sometimes come quickly, such as a coup d’etat by the military. In the West, this process has been incremental. Most people laugh at the very idea that Canada is becoming a police state. But since 9/11 governments have increasingly expanded their power and diminished civil liberties. All in the name of fighting terrorism, an arbitrary definition. When militant groups cause violence and suffering – it’s called terrorism. When the government does it – it’s called peacekeeping.”  Caleb McMillan, August 26, 2013. Mises Canada.

“We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: the government has simply not made its case for why this Bill is necessary and good for national security....”