Friday, August 7, 2015

Some Important Questions Not Raised In “Leaders’ Debate”

The televised debate, moderated by Paul Wells of MacLean’s, August 6, 2015 was a great chance to raise very important issues. This in my opinion was not done.  Surely, the greatest issues in any democracy should be moral issues. These were not even discussed.

Abortion: Here in Canada we have a situation where over 100,000 innocent pre-born lives are slaughtered yearly. Canada has no law on abortion, just like China and North Korea and this issue was not even spoken about. And to make matters even worse 491 babies were born alive in Canada after abortionists failed to kill them. Then they were left to die. Was this a case of infanticide? Infanticide is supposed to be criminal in Canada.

Euthanasia: Has now raised its perverted head in Canada. We have graduated from killing our pre-born young to the proposed killing of the born. The unanimous decision handed down by The Supreme Court of Canada that the government bring in a law “legalizing” assisted killing must surely make sensible people ask the question: Have these unelected judicial dictators gone quite mad? Sadly, this kind of lunacy seems to have affected the minds of much of the media, some of whom praised this obscene decision. Other scrum-bums sitting on a weekly panel on TV where they spread their weekly “wisdom,” thought it was a compassionate and fitting decision. And hey, “the polls” were in favour of it. Some others in the media even declared it a win for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. One wonders where in the Charter is “the right to kill” declared “a right?”... Yet, this issue was not raised in the Leaders Debate.
I believe, a leader with courage would have used the not-withstanding clause to safeguard our society. But, this has not happened.

Terrorism: Was discussed during this debate. But, information on some of our “allies” funding, training and arming terrorists was not raised. Surely, the moderator, who is a journalist, knows that Canada is in a coalition that has questionable “allies”?  

Democracy: Was discussed, but only superficially. Bill C-51 was mentioned but I believe the meat of this matter was not really exposed. In fact, one is inclined to wonder, if our democracy could become a dictatorship? There is much evidence available to make this question important.

Secretive Trade Deals: Were briefly mentioned. Some of these secret “trade deals” are the Trans Pacific Partnership. (TPP) The trade deal with the European Union (EU) known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Free trade deals could result in the loss of national sovereignty for all the countries involved.

The national sovereignty of Canada, I believe is in grave danger under these so called “free trade deals.” Yet, a cloak of secrecy surrounds this Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and as I mentioned earlier, moral issues are not even being discussed. So are these so-called “Leaders Debates” just a sham to make the people think democracy is alive and well in Canada? When there is evidence to the contrary.

Stephen J. Gray
August 8, 2015.