Friday, November 20, 2015

The Producers of Hell on Earth: A Documentary

This production was compulsory financed by taxpayers of the world. Profiteers and shareholders in this production from hell are the corporate cannibals who feed off all this death and destruction. They are vampires of villainy clad in expensive suits, have elegant homes, offshore tax havens to hide their bloody profits and some are known as “eminent persons.” Other producers of this monstrous malfeasance are governments, despots, dictators and assorted powerful criminals who have “experience” in hellish logistics.

The extras in this documentary from hell are the brainwashed serfs who obey the orders to bomb, kill, maim, destroy, and “degrade.”  The “degrading” orders are issued by generals in smart uniforms to the serfs, no questions asked. They have blind obedience to the satanic cause of killing bombing, blitzing and bequeathing death to the helpless. They call this “collateral damage.”  Medals are even issued to the assassins in the sky for their “bravery” in dispatching hellfire missiles upon the populations below. Drones are even used in this carnival of killing and operated by armchair assassins from thousands of miles away.

The victims in this production from hell are in the millions. Huge numbers of people are dead or maimed. Soldiers are dead; others are suffering from various injuries or wounds. Some cannot even get their benefits for participating in this production of evil.  Numerous countries, cities and homes are destroyed, contaminated and reduced to rubble. Millions are in refugee camps. Thousands are dying and drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, hoping to escape the horrors visited upon them by “regime change” criminals masquerading as “humanitarians.” These “humanitarians” even blame the victims for daring to arrive on their shores. One “eminent’ and “right honourable” person even called these helpless men women and children “swarms.”  This “gentleman’s” country was part of a coalition that destroyed these unfortunate peoples’ countries. Now he berates them for arriving on western shores as refugees. Is he another “high class” hypocrite from hell?

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
William Shakespeare

The ‘Great Satan’ is one of the major backers of all this carnage, but he has many other partners as well. They are the corporate monopoly, propagandized media that spew, falsehoods and lies to camouflage the atrocities committed by the demons from hell masquerading as the “good guys.” The ‘Great Satan’ and his helpers are also training, funding and arming terrorists they are supposedly fighting but the “news” media say nothing about this treachery. Other hypocrites are some of the “think tanks” that promote war and weaponry and are the servants of Satan.  They are subservient to his wishes and bow to his commands. If there was a functioning justice system still alive today, all these fiendish devils would be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Sadly, justice has also been corrupted and perverted by this production of evil, created by the producers of hell on earth whose actions are sold and marketed as “doing good.”

“Woe to those who call evil good”-  Isaiah 5:20

Stephen J. Gray
November 20,2015.

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