Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Plunder, Pillage, Loot and Pollute

Plunder, pillage, loot and pollute
They are the barbarians in expensive suits
“Free trading” the earth back and forth to each other
Robbing the earth’s people of all that matters

Buying and selling countries at will
Aided and abetted by political puppets and their shills
Marketing their “products” as a “good” for all
The corporate cannibals are having a ball

Producers of death, destruction and war
Financiers of filth and rotten to the core
Suppliers of weapons to both sides in battle
People are slaughtered like bloody cattle

Cities and homes and countries too
Are used as “playgrounds” for this immoral crew
“Games” are used to divert attention
Ancient Rome returns in another dimension

Parades and circuses organized for the masses
Some even march naked and show their asses
“Law and order” participates in these orgies of obscenity
And the “news” media “praise” this show of “identity”

Corporate logos are proudly at front and centre
And washrooms can be used by any gender
Any critics of the present deranged debauchery
Are ridiculed and ostracized and sent to Coventry

Each day brings more and more “newsworthy” insanity
Marketed and accepted even though it’s profanity
Nobody dare criticize, laugh, or refute
This is the evil of plunder, pillage, loot and pollute

Stephen J. Gray
April 27, 2016.

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