Sunday, March 19, 2017

In the Land of Mr. Ah, Ah, Um

In the land of Mr. Ah, Ah, Um
Ruling over the serfs was so much fun
Giving their tax money to foreign places
That Mr. Ah, Ah, Um, embraces

Pledging millions of dollars to kill the pre-born child
Surely, that is horrific and should be reviled?
Is this the “ethics” of Mr. Ah, Ah, Um?
What harm has these helpless innocents done?

He pledges billions for climate change
The peoples’ taxes will pay for his exchange
But, Mr. Ah, Ah, Um, is in control
And lots of people are on the dole

Hundreds of thousands go to food banks
For them the economy has really tanked
Many others are unemployed, and live on crumbs
But life is good and great for Mr. Ah, Ah, Um

He performs and parades on the world stage
While the serfs try to earn a living wage
He likes to march in parades of “diversity”
Where some have walked naked: is this perversity?

Some believe the land is going to pot
Legalizing Marijuana will “help” a lot
Smoking weed will be such “legal” fun
Courtesy of, Mr. Ah, Ah, Um

People can be killed if they so desire
Some now have the “health care” they admire
Murder is now “legal” and can be “professionally” done
Judicially approved, in the Land of Mr. Ah, Ah, Um

He invites the world to come to his open land
They cross the border illegally, isn’t that grand?
He is a welcoming, caring, “son of a gun”
There is nobody quite like, Mr. Ah, Ah, Um

His, is a country with a “sunny ways,” face
And nothing is really out of place
Everything and anything can be done
In the land of Mr. Ah, Ah, Um

Stephen J. Gray
March 19, 2017.