Sunday, June 18, 2017


We are the war criminals, and we are free
We destroyed a number of countries across the sea
We have “honorable” fancy titles and appear on the world stage
We get the serfs to do the fighting in the wars we wage

We invaded Iraq and thousands are still dying
It had no weapons of mass destruction, we were bloody lying
Then we attacked Libya and NATO did the bombing
Now that country is in chaos after all our plotting

Then we sent ISIS terrorists into Syria, as well
Now that country is reduced to a living hell
Hundreds of thousands are dead or maimed
And we refuse to admit, to having any blame

Now we are bombing in Yemen and thousands are dead
We are part of the coalition that is bringing more bloodshed
The children of Yemen are starving, and there is Cholera too
That country is in ruins because of what we do

We are the war criminals too powerful to jail
We rule the countries that caused all this hell
We talk about “law and order” and the “land of the free”
This is who we are:  because war criminals are we

Stephen J. Gray
June 18, 2017.

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