Tuesday, August 22, 2017

More War...

More war is needed to keep armies trained and employed
More wars are needed so that countries can be destroyed
More killing, bombing, destruction and death
More of this is needed until the victims have nothing left

More profits will ensue to the corporate cannibals
More loot to feed their greed which is “admirable”
More weapons produced and more missiles as well
More action and propaganda to create bloody hell

More medals for generals and other ranks too
More flags waving and more war “work” to do
More taxes for the masses as they pay and pay
More bloody tax dollars are being blasted away

More refugees trying to escape from the carnage
More wounded and maimed needing to be bandaged
More body bags for those killed in horrendous action
More “experts” and “think tanks” to express “satisfaction”

More parades for “leaders” to preen on the world stage
More adulation, more hypocrisy, after their bloody rampage
More terrorists created from the countries that were bombed
More mayhem, murder, killing and death as they respond

More violence begets violence that is for sure
More chaos and misery are the “fruits” of war
More atrocities, more carnage and more blood and gore
More deadlier weapons, finally used, until the earth is no more

Stephen J. Gray
August 22, 2017. 

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