Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I Believe I Saw a Dangerous Hypocrite Today

I believe I saw a dangerous hypocrite today his hair was orange instead of grey
He threatened to “destroy’’ another country, if it didn’t do things his way
He talked of being “righteous” but then spoke very angrily
Sometimes he says, “God Bless,” is this hypocrisy and blasphemy?

He does sword dances with head chopping dictators
And sells to them arms and missiles, and is a peace violator
He fired 59 missiles into Syria and killed some innocent people
While enjoying chocolate cake and being very gleeful

He is a member of a coalition that is destroying Yemen
They have been called war criminals and to that I say “Amen”
He talks about fighting terrorism while arming terrorists as well
Are he and his helpers, hypocrites straight from bloody hell?

He talked about upholding “respect for law” and borders
Is he hallucinating, and suffering from a mental disorder?
This is a man that fires missiles into another country in an illegal act of war
Is he a self deluded hypocrite and a creator of blood and gore?

Will this man, who could be unstable, start a nuclear war?
Is he being egged on by those, that don’t come to the fore?
Are the secret war planners, using him, to get their way?
Do they control the dangerous hypocrite, I believe I saw today?

Stephen J. Gray
September 20, 2017.