Sunday, October 1, 2017

Potland Goes to Pot

Potland is going to pot in 2018
Marijuana will be legalized in the dope scene
The dopes and dopey will celebrate as they puff and smoke
The potheads will be happy as they share a toke

The political dopes will tax it, as they are addicted to money
And the ruling dopes that will legalize it--Are they really crummy?
Potland already has a big drug problem because of drugs like Fentanyl
Do the political dopes not realize that all kinds of drugs can kill?

Potland is not immune to dangerous drugs--they are used in “mercy killings”
Just sign your name to be medically murdered, and meet those that are willing
As long as you have an identity, and are perhaps not a Him or Her
You will be given your due “respect” if you are addressed as Ze or Zir

Potland is a land where gender can be not a man or a woman
If you get high on pot, you will know that I am not fooling
This is a land just like “Animal Farm” where human animals rule
A land where all is “sunny,” and anyone can play the fool

Most of the media in Potland find all this acceptable
Saner people with ethics would surely call it diabolical
But this is Potland, a place that appears bereft of principles and ethics
A place where some even question the truth of gender and its specifics

If you come and visit this strange place called Potland
You will see some people marching naked; some think that this obscenity is grand
The marchers are led by politicians, but these “emperors” wear their clothes
They are Potland’s “emperors,” trying to smell like a beautiful rose

This then is Potland where every day is like a big fertilized garden
Of course some weed abounds (did I make a pun?) Oh, I beg your pardon
Still, if you think this rhyme is silly and full of too much rot
Come visit and see for yourself, as Potland goes to Pot

“The civilization of one epoch becomes the manure of the next”
Cyril Connolly

Stephen J. Gray
October 1, 2017.