Friday, January 5, 2018


Trillions of dollars are spent on wars
Many wars are illegal, but spill blood and gore
Bloody profits are made by corporate cannibals
Are any of these “people” really valuable?

Trillions of dollars are parked in offshore tax havens
 Are their owners’ bandits from many a nation?
Profiteers of wars, plunder, corruption and greed
While millions are starving and in much need

Trillions of dollars are spent on (legal and illegal) drugs
And profits are made by some that are thugs
“Respectable gangsters” launder drug money
Many of them reside in places that are sunny

Trillions of dollars are spent on gambling
That used to be illegal, and its owners “made a killing”
This “gambling business” used to be run only by gangsters
Now it’s run by hungry government controlled shysters

Trillions of dollars are held by banks in derivatives
If it all crashes will we hear lots of invectives?
Will the ordinary people suffer once again?
There will be no bailouts for any of them

Trillions of dollars are controlled by bankers worldwide
Are they the guys that really rule, lend, and mostly decide?
They are the money changers, they are not simple
Could they be related to those, that Jesus kicked out of the temple?

Stephen J. Gray
January 5, 2018.

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