Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Is COVID-19 a Diversion?

Is COVID-19 used as a diversion, to consolidate control?

Has there been a World takeover, was that the Globalists goal?

Small business were destroyed, but the corporate conglomerates remain

Now most of the major corporations, control the “capitalist game”

Trillions of dollars were printed, and the billionaires have profited

The small businesses, and ordinary people everywhere, got shafted

Millions of people are now unemployed, and millions in some countries are starving

The world was locked down abruptly, many people are dead, and others are departing

Hospitals and health care in many places was available, for COVID-19 patients

Others with serious illnesses were reportedly unable to get their medical appointments

These people with other illnesses suffered too, and many of them finally died

It appears COVID-19 was a priority, and other sufferers were reportedly denied

Children could not go to school, and families could not visit relatives

Travel to other places was declared, not to be really imperative

Masks and “social distancing,” was the orders from those in control

Stay six feet apart from each other while walking, was the order of the virus patrol

Liquor stores were open and marijuana/Pot stores as well

Churches were closed down, was this the devils dictum, from hell?

Sports games were now allowed, and could be watched on television

Were the planners of the lockdowns, promoting sports as a “new religion”?

Or was it just to keep the masses happy, and divert attention from what is happening?

By giving them entertainment, booze, and dope, to make them believe all is still functioning

There is no doubt, and the evidence is accumulating, that something is out of proportion

Therefore, thinking people are starting to wonder: Is COVID-19 being used as a diversion?

Stephen J. Gray

September 16, 2020.

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