Sunday, September 13, 2020

Is Justice Dead?

Is there no law when war criminals rule?

Countries are destroyed by warmongering ghouls

There is no justice, just chaos and death

And millions of people who have nothing left...

We are the war criminals, and we are free

We destroyed a number of countries across the sea

We have “honorable” fancy titles and appear on the world stage

We get the serfs to do the fighting in the wars we wage...

The past and present ruling scum

Are getting away with what they have done

Their wars on Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen too

Caused millions of deaths and refugees anew...

The carnage created by these dealers in death

Has left this world in an unholy mess

Millions are homeless; their countries destroyed

Once they had homes and were mostly employed...

Once they had homes, some had businesses too

Now millions are dead, victims of a hellish crew

Wars were instigated against their countries and lands

Now the blood runs red on the hot desert sands

The perpetrators of all this destruction and carnage

Reside in luxury and are the ruling savages

Parliaments, congresses and other assemblies

House these bloody hypocrites and treat them gently

Instead they should be arrested and put on trial

For crimes against humanity and murders most vile

Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries as well

Were destroyed and decimated by these scumbags from hell...

Someday if bloody wars should ever come to you

You will realize, what other people went through

You could see your homes reduced to smoking rubble

You will ask, if still alive: “Who created this hellish trouble?”

Your “leaders” of course, could be the answer

They bombed other countries and created disasters

Now it’s your turn to feel the anguish and pain

You can “thank” your “leaders,” are they totally insane?

Where will you run to, if this should come to pass?

Will you be wandering like refugees, forced to eat grass?

You did not speak out as your rulers set countries on fire

Will you now start complaining, when your state is dire?

There is an old saying, “you reap what you sow”

Could your turn be coming, do you not know?

There is a price to be paid for creating slaughter and death

People out there know: They have no countries left

Let’s hope you never have to hear your children cry

As hellfire missiles rain down, from assassins in the sky

Let’s hope your country escapes terrible devastation

That your warmongering “leaders” imposed on a number of nations

What if your “peaceful country” receives the same as it gives?

Now you know how other people die, or “lives”

“What goes around, comes around,” or so they say

Will you be a helpless victim yourself: Someday?...

There is a War Virus that is killing millions and its perpetrators are free

They planned illegal wars in a number of countries across the seas

Some of these war criminals are now “worried” about Covid-19

Are they the biggest criminals and hypocrites this world has ever seen?...

There is a saying, “By their actions you will know them.” Are those words true?

Because I believe anyone that would kill millions are capable of other evils too

There are multiple sources available on the war criminals lies and depredations

Therefore, would they hesitate to infect many countries, when they have already killed millions in a number of victim nations?

Stephen J. Gray

September 13, 2020

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