Friday, September 11, 2020

The Treachery of the Powerful

The treachery of the powerful is out in the open

Speaking out against them is definitely verboten

A virus is being used to impose a sick agenda

No pun intended, but evil is the elites monster

The populace are now prisoners of those in “command”

And the powerful dictate to the masses in every land

“Democracy” by despots using Covid-19 to control

The satanic are in power and these demons have no soul

Freedom is just a word, that has now been obliterated

And the people everywhere are being intimidated

“Wear a mask or else” you could be arrested

“Keep your distance from other people” is daily broadcasted

The masses obey, just like dogs that are well trained

They accept the orders, that come from the mad, and the insane

The media parrot propaganda from their platforms of perfidy

And the treachery of the powerful has infected everybody

People are reporting people who do not quarantine

And some are being arrested for leaving the “scene”

Others are reported for not wearing face masks

Or not obeying their idiot masters who take them to task

When will the masses finally wake up and say:

“We have had enough of your B.S. and tyranny

To hell with your unlawful, deceitful, and evil plans, for world rule

We are not going to accept, this filthy treachery of the powerful”

Stephen J. Gray

September 7, 2020.

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