Monday, March 9, 2009

The Corporate Communists/Fascists

“The authoritarian elites on both sides operate an ‘over world’ of organized conspiracy which mirrors the underworld of organized crime.” Charles Levinson in his book “Vodka Cola.”

The book “Vodka Cola” revealed in intimate detail the financial connections between the multi-national corporate elites in the west and the communist dictators in the Soviet Union before the “fall of communism.” Yet, these same corporate elites at that time were telling all and sundry about the “dangers of communism” while at the same time profiting from their business deals with the communist dictators.
On pages 54 and 55 of Vodka Cola there is a detailed list of: “Western multinationals with Moscow offices” at the time of the so-called “Cold War.”

And during the second world war some of these multi-national corporations were hand in glove with Hitler’s Germany so states the book: “Trading With The Enemy” by Charles Higham. The beginning of the book states: “ From the Standard Oil executives who diverted precious fuel to the enemy and the Ford Motor Company plants that supplied trucks to keep the German war machine running, to the ITT executives who streamlined Nazi communications and helped perfect the robot bombs that devastated London; from the Chase National Bank executives who held millions of dollars in gold--some of it refined from the fires of Auschwitz--in trust for the Reich at war’s end, to the top-ranking government officials who kept their deals running smoothly….”
So, what did the American government at the time do about all this corporate chicanery? Page 13 of “Trading with The Enemy states: “…the government did sanction such dubious transactions-both before and after Pearl Harbour. A presidential edict, issued six days after December 7, 1941,actually set up the legislation whereby licensing arrangements for trading with the enemy could officially be granted.”(emphasis added)

I believe, these multi-nationals mentioned in this book were traitors to their country. One wonders how many families lost loved ones because of the treachery committed by these multi-national business elites?

“The multi-national companies are, therefore, the core of modern capitalism and have replaced the Western nation - state as the real political power centers of the age.”
( Charles Levinson page 16, “Vodka Cola.” )

Now fast forward to today and the multi-national corporate communists/fascists have found another dictatorship to profit from. Many are now firmly ensconced in communist China. China is a country where the organs are ripped from some of the people without their consent. Where a one child policy has resulted in forced abortions. Where slave labour has been reported: “Thirty-one dirty and disorientated workers have been rescued from a brickwork factory in China, where they were being held as virtual slaves.”[1]
Where dissidents are tortured and it was reported that an alleged torturer was welcomed to Canada. The Epoch Times of May 29, 2007 had this to say:
“…Chinese official Bo Xilai was served with legal papers Monday, questions remain as to why the Chinese Commerce Minister accused of crimes against humanity was allowed to enter Canada in the first place. Despite the fact that Bo was one of a number of high-ranking Chinese officials who have been on an RCMP watch list, he freely entered the country with a trade delegation from China last Friday.” The Epoch Times article goes on to state: “Bo is accused of overseeing a systematic campaign of torture against adherents of Falun Gong, a Chinese meditation practice, in the northeast Chinese province of Liaoning, where he was governor from 2001 to 2004.” [2]

What we are seeing in our world today is a continuation of multi-national greed. Money and profits count far more than corporate ethics. They do not care who they rub shoulders with as long as there is money to be made. The Guardian, a U.K newspaper had this to say: “a new threat is emerging which neither Britain nor other western states have prepared for - the spread of Chinese and Russian power and influence. The theatre of battle is the City of London. Over the past decade, the UK has allowed its capital city to become the home for many of the world's most cut-throat and dodgy global financiers….all in the name of global capitalism.” [3]

“ Global capitalism,” I believe has become a danger to a free society. When big business involves itself in “trading with the enemy” and invests in countries with slave labour and other atrocities then we ourselves could be next on their policy agendas. But maybe, I am being to cynical, after all we will be getting a “Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), that should keep us safe and free! And we do have a “Charter of Rights.“ So all is well. Eh?

The evidence from the books I have quoted from is only a small part of the unethical and unprincipled practices being enacted across the world today. Nothing has changed. Oh sure, we elect politicians but the corporate communists/fascists rule.




Note: I would suggest to readers of this article to try and get copies of the Books “Vodka-Cola” and “Trading with the Enemy.” I have had these books in my library for over 20 years. If people read the books they will realize how vast this multi-national network of power is.

Stephen J. Gray
July 27,2007.