Monday, March 9, 2009

The Evil of “Choice”

“Woe to those who call evil good” (Isaiah 5:20).

The word “choice” is frequently used by proponents of the abortion industry. Has this industry successfully camouflaged what abortion is by using the word “choice?” After all, who could be against “choice?” But, what is this “choice” that these people are promoting? Is it healthy? Is it ethical? Is it decent? Of course not. What is healthy, ethical or decent about having a “choice” to kill a child in the womb? Yet, abortion supporters advocate this type of killing, provided that this life is not wanted. The use of language to dehumanize victims is not a new phenomenon. Throughout history, words have been used to dehumanize those slated for killing. “Useless eaters” was used by the Nazis to justify their killing of human beings. And a slogan used by abortion advocates in today’s society is, “Every child a wanted child,” the idea being that if the unborn are not “wanted,” the “final solution” is to kill them in the name of “choice.”

The atrocities committed under the slogan “freedom of choice” have resulted in over 100,000 innocent lives killed yearly by abortionists in Canada, and untold millions world-wide. This massive genocidal execution program for the innocent “unwanted” is presided over by governments of all political stripes. These same governments who say the Holocaust must never be forgotten overlook that they are party to the massive holocaust of innocent unborn children.

“Politics have no relation to morals” (Machiavelli).

“I support freedom of choice on abortion” is the boast of many politicians on the election trail. “Vote for me and ‘choice’ will continue,” is their message; in other words, killing will continue. Many of them voice platitudes about “human rights” but when it comes to that tiny human in the womb, the only “right” they will apportion to him is to be killed by “choice.” (Note: In Canada, spotted owls, grizzly bears, and other animals have more protection than children in the womb.)

When politicians speak of supporting “choice,” on abortion, what that actually means is permitting unborn children to be cut up and carved to pieces, or killed by other methods such as poisoning by saline solution. Others are murdered by having their skull pierced by sharp scissors and their brains suctioned out (partial birth abortion). Barbarity is being practiced and human sacrifices are made.

“Today in seventeen European countries, there are more burials than births, more coffins than cradles” ( Pat Buchanan in his book, The Death Of The West, page 9).

The consequences of “choice” are there for all to see. Many years of killing the unborn has resulted in an ever-increasing aging population in many parts of the world.

Here in Canada, there is a lack of workers for many jobs. Some in the “investigative” media blame this on “low fertility.” However, no connection is made by the media that if you kill millions of unborn human beings over the years, the result will be an aging population, and a lack of workers. Speaking of workers, trade unions here in Canada are big supporters of “freedom of choice,” and now these union “experts” are complaining about union membership declining. They are the authors of their own misfortune.

Furthermore, in some countries, females are the present day “unwanted,” and are killed by abortion. This has resulted in an imbalance in their populations of more boys than girls. One wonders where the radical feminists who speak of “equality” are when these innocent females are slaughtered by discriminatory “choice?”

The idea that human life is disposable has created a frightening reality for today’s aging population: perhaps the generation raised to believe that parents can kill their children will soon act on the idea that children can kill their parents. It seems euthanasia is not far off, showing that society will reap what it sows.

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Stephen J. Gray
Dec. 21, 2007.