Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are We Engulfed By Evil?

Are We Engulfed By Evil?
By Stephen J. Gray

Bloody Wars:
Endless war is being waged around the globe. The weapons supplied by governments of all political stripes. A recent example was the illegal war in Libya supported by the “democratic” governments in the West against their “old friend.” It was called a, “humanitarian mission” to unseat a dictator. Meanwhile, there are other dictators supported by the West. Saudi Arabia and communist China are but two examples. Which makes one wonder why are there no “humanitarian missions” bombing these other dictatorships? Oh, I forgot these other dictatorships are “friends” and “allies,” and so this evil political farce continues with politicians claiming to be in favour of “human rights” while sanctioning illegal bombings and the killing of children and civilians by NATO, which of course is funded by the tax dollars of people from various countries. One hypocritical political “leader” even said these missile and bomb attacks as being done by “brave soldiers.” Which makes one wonder what is “brave” about pressing a button thousands of feet in the air that releases a missile that kills innocent children? One might ask; are war criminals not only the dictators, but also, the so-called political “leaders” spouting democracy and human rights as they create bloody mayhem? Meanwhile the profiteers of these bloody atrocities, who never participate in combat and operate out of luxury office buildings are laughing all the way to their stock portfolios. It would be interesting to see the names of just who is making a killing – no pun intended – from financing wars that are unjust. Justice would be served if all the political warmongers and all the dictators were put on trial for crimes against humanity. But hey, who would run the corrupt system if we did that?

Financial War:
Financial war is being waged on taxpayers everywhere by the financial elites of the monetary system. We are told the financial system is in crisis and that austerity is the only solution. The people of Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc. are in the process of being punished by the dictators of austerity, also known as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the European Central Bank (ECB) and other banking cabals of the financial world. The unelected money changers are dictating financial policy to puppet politicians who are, I believe, betraying their own peoples’ and their countries sovereignty at the behest of these financial parasites who are funded by the tax dollars of the people. In fact, the peoples’ tax dollars bailed out many of these financial bandits who looted the financial system. None of the perpetrators have gone to jail and some even wrote a letter to Congress telling them to solve the debt crisis. What a joke, first they milk the system then they give advice to the political cows to get their political barnyard in order. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. But hey, financial pillaging is now acceptable and goes unpunished in the “land of the free.”

War on the Unborn:
A hidden war is being waged on the innocents in their mothers’ wombs by abortion. This war is camouflaged by the banal slogan called “freedom of choice.” Killing by choice is sanctioned by governments’ world wide and is today’s “final solution” for unwanted humans. Human life is disposable and hypocrite politicians of all political stripes are mostly in favour of killing by choice. But now, the consequences of killing by choice are starting to show up world wide. Old people are beginning to outnumber young people. Politicians everywhere are bemoaning this fact that there is a demographic crisis. Only they call it “low fertility,” rather than lay the blame on abortion. None of these politicians will admit that the millions of unborn killed by state sanctioned slaughter is the result of their political perfidy. They sowed death and now they are reaping the results of their hidden holocaust.

War on Free Speech:
Free speech everywhere is under attack by unelected so-called Human Rights Commissions (HRCs). These unelected, appointed bureaucrats are terrorizing society. People are dragged before them and forced to pay their own costs, meanwhile their accusers are given a free ride at tax-payers expense. So called “democracy” has been hijacked and freedom is fast becoming a word you can only read in a dictionary. Political correctness has become the rule, and the political rulers who created these HRCs are drawing big pensions and the next generations of politicians allow these unelected, appointed commissars of correctness to continue to rule with impunity. Democracy and freedom are prisoners of the system. The appointed are in control and the controllers are the appointed. But hey, think yourself lucky. Every three or four years you get to place an X in a ballot to choose which political party you wish to punish you. This political game is called “democracy.”

In summing up, I believe the evils that are happening today can only result in some form of horrific tragedy. Society has lost all recognition of right and wrong. We are headed for some great catastrophe. No governments, no politicians, no leaders and no one can continue to perpetrate evil and call it good, for as the good book says:

“Woe to those who call evil good” (Isaiah 5:20).

Stephen J. Gray
August 23,2011.

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