Sunday, August 28, 2011

The “Humanitarian Mission” Report

The “Humanitarian Mission” Report
By Stephen J. Gray

The National Air Terror Organization (NATO) oops, pardon me, I mean the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is doing its business with a bang, in fact big bangs—no pun intended. In the past six months it has, according to one report, done over “6,000 sorties.” These bombing missions have killed civilians and children but NATO did apologise for some of its “surgical strikes” going awry. You have to admit “surgical strikes” sounds better than bombing the place to rubble and ruins. Still, I did like how one dingbat politician described these criminal air strikes in an illegal war: He called them “dropping ordinances.” This guy certainly knows how to camouflage killing. But hey, this is a “humanitarian mission” to save lives and if we slaughter a number of innocent lives in the process that’s the cost of the war business.

Talking about business, the oil companies are all lining up to get back to doing what they do best—profiting from oil, and they are all ready to get their hands on that black gold. Gold, as you all know, is all the rage and it just so happens that this old dictator who used to be our friend had a reported 143.8 tons of gold. [1] Wow, what a treasure. Still, the spoils of war go to the victor and this precious cargo will be a boon to the financial system. Hopefully, we can find a “respected” banker to handle and look after this loot. I hear that a central bank has already been formed out of all this mayhem and bloody chaos and that it will take care of the gold and the dictator’s money.

Who will pay for all this death and destruction by NATO? The taxpayers of course! Millions of dollars have been spent on this “humanitarian mission” and “safe bombing campaign,” and all this money came from taxpayers of various governments. These “caring” governments all agreed that the dictator who used to be their friend must go, so the solution was bomb him back to the stone age. But hey, that’s the age we live in today. War criminals, or an old dictator friend, must not be tolerated; unless, of course, they are our war criminals and our dictators and our “allies” and are still our “friends.” Some people are saying NATO and the governments who authorized this “humanitarian mission” are all hypocrites and war criminals and should be put on trial. [2] NATO did kill people, and NATO was approved by governments and even if it was an illegal war you can’t put NATO or the politicians on trial. They are “humanitarians” who run the system, though one straight talking politician did call this evil foray by the system, the “new international gangsterism.” But surely gangsters have a role to play and the system needs them? In fact, perhaps they will be getting a medal for valour in arranging the bombing to save lives, while taking lives by killing innocent children and civilians. Anyway, I am sure a medal will be struck in their honour for “bravery,” perhaps even a Nobel Peace Prize for their “services to humanity.”

Humanity must be protected and that’s why the “international community” will be meeting at a “high level conference” to discuss the safety and security of the country they have just blitzed and bombed to bloody rubble. They are calling their meeting “Friends of Libya.” Isn’t that a nice Orwellian phrase? They approve bombing, mayhem, killing and destruction, and now they are having a friendly discussion to plan its “re-building” and “help” with the distribution of its money held by bankers. One is reminded of that old saying, with friends like these who needs enemies? What a nice bunch they are? Aren’t we lucky to have such “humanitarian” rulers? Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes, and the political and business vultures of the New World Order are getting ready to feed off the country’s “reconstruction.” Still, these are “honourable people” and respected members of the “international community” doing what they do best, spreading B.S., lies and hypocrisy in the name of “humanitarianism” around the world, when their mission was really about “regime change.”[3] Meanwhile, the taxpaying serfs in various countries pay for their insane and criminal excursions, and the killing and bloody destruction is all done in the name of “responsibility to protect.” God help us all and save us from these dangerous criminal political hypocrites.

Stephen J. Gray
August 28,2011.





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