Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 26th, 2012 a Day of Disrepute in Canada?

Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012 is the day of the vote on Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312.  The Liberals’ and the NDP are already on record as saying they will vote against “when human life begins.” The Conservatives have a few members who support the motion, but have others in their party who will vote against the motion. Their leader Stephen Harper is on record as saying he will vote against Motion 312 and has received “rare praise from the NDP for siding with the left-wing party against a motion from a Conservative MP.” (Canoe News Sept. 17, 2012. Daniel Proussalidis, Parliamentary Bureau ) [1]

“I appreciate that the prime minister ... has clearly stated that there will be no support for M-312,” New Democrat MP Francoise Boivin [1]

The article from Canoe news went on to state:
“Harper has urged his caucus to oppose Tory MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion that would strike a committee to study whether a child is a human life at some point before full birth.” [1]

Anybody with half a brain knows the pre-born child is human before birth. We have seen our offspring moving around in ultra sound, and operations have even been performed on the child in the womb to correct any problems. See this link:

The Canoe article goes on to say this:
“Boivin refuses to say whether it’s possible a child is human even five minutes before birth, fearing the question has implications for abortion.” [1]

Ah, abortion, that obscene “choice” promoted as a “woman’s right to choose” to have her child killed if it is unwanted. And the deed committed by an assassin masquerading as a doctor. But hey, this is Canada and we gave our country’s highest honour to an abortionist so what does that say about those who rule over us?

Well our “ruler” at the moment is Stephen Harper and he just like the Liberals’ who ruled before him, along with the NDP and others have long supported this atrocity of killing by choice in Canada.  People thought with Stephen Harper and his “conservatives” coming to power they would see some decency and morality returned to Canada. After all they were promised “accountability.” So where is the accountability when the prime minister of the country says he will vote against a motion to discuss when human life begins? Instead he has “urged” his caucus to also vote against the motion. What an undemocratic piece of political work this guy has turned out to be.  In fact, there is a video entitled: “PM Harper aligning himself with the hard left on abortion” that can be seen at Lifesite News [2]

I believe what we are seeing in this country is an abdication of responsibility to protect the most vulnerable in our society, namely the innocent pre-born child in the womb.  How can these members of parliament face their children and grandchildren and tell them they voted against when human life begins? The reason being: Killing by abortion had to be protected therefore the motion could not be discussed. How can they explain to those children if you were not wanted we could have had you killed by “choice?”

One can only say if these MPs vote against discussing when life begins then this country has degenerated into a despicable parody of politics and parliament has become a House of Disrepute.

Stephen J. Gray
September 22, 2012

Note: See the slaughtered victims of  “choice” at: