Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will Political Evil Rule?

Will Political Evil Rule?
By Stephen J. Gray

Will we see more hypocrisy and political cowardice in action over Stephen Woodworth’s motion 312? Another hour of debate on the motion will be held on Friday, September 21, and the vote on the motion will be on Sept. 26th according to the latest reports.  Will politicians, except for a brave few, vote against finding out “when life begins?” Scientific and medical journals tell us that life begins at conception. But, our democratically challenged “right honourable” prime minister is on record as saying he will vote against the motion. Will he be joined by most of his “honourable” sycophantic bootlickers, lackeys and flunkeys who toe the PMs line. Will they throw any principles they might have had into the parliamentary garbage and vote against the motion? If so what will that say about free speech and freedom in Canada?

“In this storm of change, Canada stands as a beacon of light, built around our fundamental values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”
John Baird, Conservative MP and Minister of Foreign Affairs in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations [1]

Canada has no law on abortion (the same as China and North Korea) and Tory MP Baird trumpets “the rule of law.” The pre-born child has no “human rights” and our so-called “democracy” does not want to even discuss when human life begins.  

Mr. Baird went on to say in his speech to the Council on Foreign Relations: “I’m not going to stay quiet on an issue that is morally wrong and deserves to be condemned.” [1]
Really, Mr. Baird! Yet, your “leader” Stephen Harper and others do not want to discuss Motion 312. Is that not “morally wrong” and a suppression of free speech?  Mr. Baird further stated in his speech:
“We believe what’s right is right. And what’s wrong is wrong. And it is in defence of those beliefs that we act.” [1]
Yeah sure! Unless of course if it’s Motion 312 then your “leader” and most of his lackeys and others who call themselves “democratic” do not want to speak in “defence” of when human life begins.

The so called New Democratic Party is also opposed to Motion 312.  Yet, this is the party that calls itself “democratic.” but are afraid to discuss when human life begins. And last but not least, the Liberal Party is also against the motion. What are all these politicians afraid of? Answer: They are afraid of the truth. Life begins at conception and they do not want to discuss that truth. The ramifications for all of them if they allow discussion on when life begins; would shine the light on the darkness that covers this land and the truth would shine forth, that we kill our young and call the atrocity “choice.” Therefore the status quo of killing by choice must remain for these political cowards. And the truth must be silenced.

Free speech is a victim in this so-called “parliamentary democracy.” But the biggest victims are truth, honesty and justice and the ongoing victims in this country are the slaughtered innocents by abortion, on which our democratically challenged prime minister says: “As long as I am prime minister we are not opening the abortion debate” Stephen Harper, quoted in Globe and Mail, April 21, 2011

One has to ask: Is there some form of political evil residing in parliament when most of its members refuse to discuss when life begins or even contemplate a law against this obscenity of killing by “choice?” If our so-called “honourable representatives” will not discuss this motion, what other issues will they declare no discussion allowed? I believe we are in the hands of people unworthy of holding public office. I also believe they are a danger to a free society - a collection of cowards unfit to rule and need to be replaced before they impose more political evil upon us. Their so called “values” are deplorable, and make one wonder, do they have any?

I believe very strongly that in this world you have to have values…” [2]
Stephen Harper

Stephen J. Gray
September 19,2012.

Note: See the slaughtered victims of abortion “choice” at: