Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Gangsters in Pin Striped Suits

Have you seen the gangsters in pin striped suits?
They are today’s “respected” financial crooks
The standard bearers of “free market” capitalism
Have also been known to finance terrorism

These financial terrorists can’t go to jail
If they did, we are told, the system would fail
So says a respected financial regulator
There might be a run on these money creators

The banksters did pay some large fines
Which they will recoup from their monetary goldmines
They also manipulated and rigged the Libor rates
And the people will pay for their monetary dictates

The financial criminals are well “respected”
They advise some governments which are elected
They even finance election campaigns
Is corruption the name of the political “game?”

But hey, you Serfs, don’t forget to vote
Just place your X and they’ll take note
Then you get punished for participating in “democracy”
But, you supported this election “game” of hypocrisy

Still, don’t worry the money changers are in control
And to them, the puppet politicians have sold their souls
The monetary villains are laughing at society
There is no jail time for them or anxiety

They launder drug money for criminal cartels
Justice is dead and blind and all is well
Who cares if the results are killings and drug addiction
Are these financial bandits a curse and an affliction?

The world has been captured by financial con men
They have corrupted the system with word and pen
They are gorging themselves on monetary loot
These are the gangsters in pin striped suits

Stephen J. Gray
January 27, 2013.

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