Tuesday, January 1, 2013

They Sell Out Their Countries

They sell out their countries in broad daylight
They are the political puppets of left and right
Bought and paid for by the One World elite
The treasonous politicians grovel at their masters feet

Open treason is sold as “global governance”
And the corporate media acclaim their performance
The people are treated as serfs to be lied to
Manipulated and conditioned and told what to do

Treachery is marketed by the public relations “experts”
It’s really all about “security and jobs” they tell the serfs
The system has been hijacked under the banner of “democracy”
It is now controlled by the money changing plutocracy

Thieving and lying has become “legitimate”
If you dare speak out you are a “conspiracy twit”
Something very evil is in control
And many “leaders” have sold their souls

Treacherous elites dictate world policy
But many people believe they still have “democracy”
The money changers were kicked out of the temple
Now they rule the world like Lucifer’s “angels”

Financiers of misery, corruption and wars
These are the planet’s money changing whores
Controllers of the world’s money systems
They also have been known to finance drugs and terrorism

Where will it end? Can this evil survive?
Will it result in nobody left alive?
Will it be the end of all the world’s worries?
Will this be the payment for the sell-out of countries?

Stephen J. Gray
January 1, 2013.

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