Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Word Soldiers

The most powerful soldiers in the country today are the word soldiers. These soldiers can mow down any opposition, win every battle and put the enemy to flight. When they go on the attack most everyone runs for cover. Who are these word soldiers? They are the media army always ready to suppress opinions they do not like. The minute anyone steps out of line and opposes their propaganda, their metaphor missiles take deadly aim. They never miss their targets for they have endless supplies of word ammunition and have launching platforms for their messages to suppress views they do not like.

These soldiers of the media army are in the T.V newsrooms, The Radio Stations and The Newspapers. They are always at the ready. Whenever the normal people attack media approved doctrines such as unnatural lifestyles, the killing of the child in the womb, "legalizing" same-sex marriage, or other media approved nonsense, the big guns of the word soldiers go into action. They take no prisoners. They are the media army of the politically correct. Many of the people of the land—constantly bombarded with their heavy artillery words—have been brainwashed into submission. Many people, after surrendering, buy the word soldiers propaganda sheets and listen to them on the broadcasting networks.

The word soldiers can also be heard on discussion panels around the land, interviewing each other on politically correct issues and disseminating their "wisdom" to the watching and listening masses. One such media outlet, the Collective Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is well known for its battalions of word soldiers. You can be sure in this war against truth, the CBC will be in the front line, as will Communal Television (CTV) and Glow-Bull Television (GTV.)  All the news soldiers of the media army are efficient in word assassination. Propaganda wins in any war and the word soldiers are constantly at war, shutting down or ridiculing opposing voices.

The word soldiers spring into immediate action whenever there is an exposure of the  politically correct media agenda. When an emergency occurs the media word troops are parachuted into action. The fiery attack words come in waves: "bigot," "homophobic," "bile," "disgusting," "lunatic," "neanderthal," "extreme," "outrageous," "beyond the pale," “hypocrite,” “loony-tune,"  "repugnant beliefs," “nutbar”—the word weaponry is awesome to behold. Every epithet in the media arsenal is sometimes used to take down any dissident who contradicts or criticizes the media-approved message. The victims surrender, riddled with word bullets, and some retreat into silence never again to raise their voice.  Very few can stand up to this propaganda firepower. The word soldiers of the media army take no prisoners in their battle for word control and propaganda supremacy, and some even get medals for being the “best” in the media world of word soldiers.

Stephen J. Gray
December 29, 2012.

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