Saturday, December 15, 2012

Are They Armchair Assassins?

They watch computer screens in cozy armchairs
Are they Armchair Assassins in their secure lairs?
Are they operators of death and destruction?
Are they “legalized” hitmen? Do they have no compunction?

Some of their “work” hours are nine to five
They press their buttons and bring death to the alive
Sometimes they kill children, “but it’s all a mistake”
An apology will be issued for any “errors” they make

Collateral damage is the deceptive words used
When innocents are slaughtered and murdered too
Some even call this “responsibility to protect”
Then they praise this hellish and sick effect

But hey, these are the “good guys,’’ do they sanction murder?
Where is the law? Are we seeing a disorder?
Is there no respect for life, and human decency?
Can killing be “legitimized” instead of being an obscenity?

 Is something very wrong in this world today?
Can authorized killing be legal anyway?
No pleas, No trials, No laws, No courts of justice
Can an illegal death sentence be totally callous?

Do we have “official” terrorists: name calling terrorists?
Has murder been incorporated amongst the “best” of us?
We all better think and perhaps beware
Are there state approved assassins in comfortable armchairs?

Stephen J. Gray
December 15,2012.

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