Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Silence of Politicians on Free Speech and the Supreme Court of Canada

"While the Canadian Constitution Foundation [CCF] does not take any position on the content of the materials distributed by Mr. Whatcott, it believes that it is the right of every Canadian to freely and peacefully express themselves without fear of censorship or persecution by the state. Free expression is the lifeblood of democracies and all forms of expression, especially the offensive kind, needs to be protected. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court disagrees."
CCF Executive Director and lawyer Chris Schafer [1]

The recent off the wall decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Whatcott case has been met with silence from our elected representatives. Have they all lost their ability to speak? Have they become so enamoured of unelected judges that they are incapable of speaking up for freedom, democracy and free speech. The wacky words below are from the Supreme Court unanimous decision that said this:

“Truthful statements can be presented in a manner that would meet the definition of hate speech, and not all truthful statements must be free from restriction” [2]

The words above are surely straight out of “Alice in Wonderland” One wonders are the judges fans of fairy tales? Does Humpty Dumpty now sit on the Bench?

`When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, `it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less.'

`The question is,' said Alice, `whether you can make words mean so many different things.'

`The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, `which is to be master - - that's all.'

 (Through the Looking Glass, Chapter 6)

There is no doubt in Canada that the unelected judges are the “masters” and the elected politicians are their grovelling gatekeepers over the serfs, who are forced to put up with nonsense in law and poltroons in politics.

Parliament is supposed to be supreme yet it defers to unelected judges and human rights commissions. Why then do we go through the farce of pretending we live in a democracy when free speech is a prisoner of word twisting ex-lawyers masquerading as judges? And human rights commissars who are controlling the conversations of free speech. Something has to be done to free Canadians from the dictatorship of the unelected who have usurped what used to be called a “democracy.”

Still never mind Stephen Harper tells us we have “fundamental Canadian values”

“The Office [of Religious Freedom]will be an important vehicle through which Canada can advance fundamental Canadian values including freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law worldwide.” [3]

Obviously, this guy thinks we don’t know what is going on in this country “freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law…” have become a farce. The Charter of Rights is a joke, the jokers are on the Bench, the clowns are in parliament and so-called Human Rights Commissions are writing the script in this production of nonsense.

Mind you Mr. Harper is not the only political leader to be cravenly silent on the suppression of free speech by the unelected judiciary. Mr. Mulcair of the NDP - a party that has “democratic” in its name -  has also been found wanting when it comes to free speech. And of course one must not forget the new, yet to be crowned Prince of Liberalism, Mr. Trudeau, just like the other political leaders, he has not raised his voice in defence of free speech over the inane words of the judges that said “… not all truthful statements must be free from restriction”

One has to ask what the hell is happening to our country if the truth is no longer a defense? We truly are a country in a state of delusion. But hey, we have been headed that way for some time now. A judge some time ago consulted his imagination and “read in” words not written in the Charter. Now we have another judge, and all of his cohorts agreeing unanimously that truth is no longer a defense, even if it’s true. So what can be done to restore some sanity to our country.  I believe our elected representatives have to start showing some courage and abolish these so-called Human Rights Commissions and remove from the Bench unfit judges who have said, telling the truth is no longer a defense. Otherwise this judicial madness will continue to turn this country into a judicial Wonderland with Humpty Dumpties on the Bench. And we the people will continue to be deprived of our freedoms unless we say loud and clear, “ENOUGH.”

Stephen J. Gray
March 16, 2013.