Sunday, June 16, 2013

Harper’s “True Believers” Congregate in Calgary

“I barely recognize ourselves, and worse I fear that we have morphed into what we once mocked.” Former Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber [1]

Calgary will host a “Conservative” convention of Harper supporters June 27-29, 2013.  postponed and re-scheduled, new dates are Oct. 31 to Nov.2, 2013.
 One wonders what goes on in their heads as they cheer and shake hands with each other and worship their “great leader.” What do they have to be happy about? Are they led by a man of principle? Has he been true to his word? Has he defended Canadian sovereignty?  Does he have courage? Does he protect free speech and free expression? Do they know what is in the “secretive” and “hidden” trade deals? Do they support “greater economic integration with the EU?” Are they in favour of a “strategic partnership” with Communist China? Do they trust Stephen Harper implicitly?

 Or is Brent Rathgeber correct when he says: the conservatives have become “what we once mocked.”
Therefore, let us look at some of the issues the Harper government has been or is involved in.

Free Speech: Harper’s government sided with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) against free speech. [2] Yet, Stephen Harper once said this about Human Rights Commissions: “Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society … It is, in fact, totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff” (emphasis added)

Canadian Sovereignty: The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has proposed a Free Trade deal with the EU. The Montreal Gazette of April 28, 2012 had the headline, “Tories pitch EU free-trade deal online…text of pact remains hidden from public” The article went on to state: “The deal is not just about free trade, which eliminates tariffs at the border, but greater economic integration with the EU.” [3] And Stephen Harper is on record as saying this:
“We need some semblance of global governance” “I know some people don’t like it, it’s a loss of national sovereignty” Stephen Harper [4]
And the Harper government has joined the “secretive” Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which, according to some reports also jeopardizes national sovereignty. [5]

Lawlessness in Canada: Who would have believed that in the supposedly civilized country of Canada, 491 babies that were born alive after failed killings by abortion were then left to die, or that this atrocity would not even be investigated? Or that those in positions of power, namely the justice system, the leader of the federal government and most of the politicians of all the political parties would remain silent on this appalling heinous criminality? A headline in Postmedia News of January 31, 2013, said this: “Tory backbenchers call on RCMP to investigate late-term abortions, but PM says the debate is closed” the article was written by Tobi Cohen.
In fact, the country’s leader, the right honourable Stephen Harper is quoted in the article as saying this on the monstrous atrocity: "I think all members of this House, whether they agree with it or not, understand that abortion is legal in Canada and this government, myself included, have made it very clear that the government does not intend to change the law in this regard"
These babies were born alive, after failed killings; therefore, in these 491 cases this isn’t a matter of abortion—it’s a matter of infanticide: and that IS against Canadian law.  Mr. Harper should at least know that difference. Yet, he continues to do nothing about this contravention of the criminal code: [6] [7]

Consorting with Communists: We see a supposedly, “conservative” Prime Minister consorting with a communist dictatorship. (One thought only “left wingers” did that?) His speeches spread the message that this is a “strategic partnership.” Most of the corporate “free enterprise” media swoon over this communist partnership and tell the masses how wonderful it is. Meanwhile, big business accompanies this “conservative” and they all are seeking business opportunities in this land of the dictatorship. This is a land that has been known to use slave labour, has exported poisoned goods, and where many workers have committed suicide due to the bad working conditions. Where women are coerced into forced abortions and people have been tortured for showing dissent. [8] [9]

But hey, dissent in Harper’s Canada is almost obliterated, just look at the few Tory MPs who have tried to speak out. Mind you they have not been tortured, yet! Just kidding! But, they get “whipped” into submission, then some of them say how they “admire” and “respect” Harper. He must be having a good laugh at their grovelling subservience. A handful of MPs have spoken out but the rest have sat back in cowardly silence. Strange things are happening in that Tory caucus. Some of those who complained they were “muzzled” now say they “admire” Harper. Which makes one wonder, are some of them suffering from Beaten Dog Syndrome where a dog, after it is beaten, comes back to lick the hand of its master, and cowers and crawls on its belly for his favour despite all the evils heaped upon it? [10] [11]

The information in this article should give Harper’s “true believers” something to chew on.  But will they? Will the “true believers” continue to exist in their servile stupor; content in the dictates of their leader of whom it has been said:

“…Harper's whole time in office has been spent reassuring the public he has no plans to lead them anywhere, that under a Conservative government nothing much would change — they would govern much like the Liberals,…”
Andrew Coyne in MacLean’s of September 10, 2008,

Stephen J. Gray
June 16, 2013.


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