Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The ‘Great Satan’and his Helpers

The ‘Great Satan’and his Helpers
By Stephen J. Gray

The “Great Satan” and his helpers are ready for another war
They have Hellfire missiles all ready to score
Any day now he will order death and destruction
And his helpers can’t wait, to get in, on the action

They all are slavering at their hypocritical mouths
They just can’t wait to take their bows
A “coalition of the willing,” ready for more killing
Perhaps they find it all exciting and thrilling

They will be able to watch it all safely in their bunkers
This gang of self appointed “humanitarian” killers
The ‘Great Satan’ has already killed children with drones
So what if his missiles should demolish some people and their homes!

He will call it “collateral damage” and perhaps apologize
As he sends death and destruction down from the skies
This is “democracy” and “responsibility to protect”
Who cares what will happen and its effect?

Setting the world on fire could be the result
As they all cheer, give high fives, and exult
Safe in their bunkers amidst all the devastation
The ‘Great Satan’ and his helpers from a number of nations

Could these be the creators of Hell on earth?
These devilish lunatics will have given birth
To more violence, killing and slaughter
The ‘Great Satan and his mad helpers will make the world hotter

Stephen J. Gray
August 28, 2013.

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