Sunday, November 10, 2013

Uproar in Nonsenseland

Nonsenseland was in an uproar.  The leader of its largest city was seen on video supposedly smoking crack cocaine. Then another video surfaced where the city leader was using threatening words and obscene language and threatening to kill.  Many people were supposedly horrified. Was the city not all it was cracked up to be? Was dopiness a prerequisite for public office? Were the people dopey to have elected this person? Surely not! After all, this was Nonsenseland and anything goes in Nonsenseland! [1]

Meanwhile in Nonsenseland’s parliament, (in one of its infrequent sessions) the leader of the country was under attack for appointing some senators whose expenses were called outrageous and some who seemed to have problems knowing where their principal residences were. Still, home is where the heart is, as the saying goes, and these people were right at home in taxpayers’ haven. Unfortunately, they lost their seats for two years, in this house of “sober second thought” after their senatorial friends voted to punish them. But, they would still be allowed to collect their pensions and health benefits and the ordinary taxpayers would pay for them. Some people thought this was ridiculous, but, this was Nonsenseland where being ridiculous was acceptable.

Others, were thinking where is the accountability? Still, accountability questions were raised in parliament about who knew what, about, checks being signed by the leader’s representatives. The leader said he knew nothing or very little about all these happenings and blamed it on a guy he appointed. Even though he was in charge of these appointed people he continued to plead ignorance. This was quite acceptable because this was Nonsenseland where it seemed ignorance is a virtue.

Then more uproar was heard in Nonsenseland. It seemed the boyish Liberal leader had professed “admiration” for the Chinese dictatorship while talking to a women’s only conference. This caused a bit of a rumpus and a prominent Tory and others got quite upset at the Liberal boyo. Forgetting that their talking Tory “pit bull” had also described the Chinese dictatorship as a “friend’ and a “ally” and that their Tory leader had formed a “strategic partnership" [2]  with the Chinese dictatorship. So really, is there very little moral difference between Liberal or Tory? Do they both speak the same B.S., but only their party names are different? Still, this is Nonsenseland where hypocrisy is natural and normal.

Meanwhile in another part of  Nonsenseland there was uproar over a proposed “Charter of Values” by a provincial government. This charter would have no values except those mandated by the State. Some people were wondering if this was a society in state of collapse? [3] Or was this just more noisy nonsense in Nonsenseland?

Stephen J. Gray
November 10, 2013.


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