Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Searching for Truth and Accountability in Nonsenseland

“There is but an inch of difference between the cushioned chamber and the padded cell” – G.K. Chesterton.

Nonsenseland was in a state of turmoil, the police were searching for information on alleged, “bribery, fraud and breach of trust.” Hundreds of political emails were released into the public domain and the residents of the Land were seeing some of the inner workings of their “law and order” government. Much of the information was not pretty to read. It seemed a certain honourable person had been billing the taxpayers quite a lot and “was getting paid for meals he ate in his own house...”  Still, we cannot have a hungry politician, can we? But hey, a politician has to eat and what better way to do it than bill the taxpayers when feeling hungry? Ordinary people have to go to food banks when they need food. Therefore, the answer for them is, get elected and they will never be hungry again! Because in Nonsenseland, it seems the political class are “entitled to their entitlements.”

Anyway, it seems this honourable guy’s “entitlements” have been causing the leader of the Land a bit of bother. He was asked, did he know about monies being paid to cover this honourable person’s expenses? The leader replied that he “did not know” and seemed astonished and dumbfounded that this had happened. Yet, in the leader’s office there were a number of his political appointees who knew all about this arrangement. What was going on? Why did these trusted advisers keep the leader in the dark? Was there some type of conspiracy? Was truth a victim and lies a victor in the most important and highest office in Nonsenseland? In fact, the policeman investigating this tangled web of possible deceit had said the evidence from one honourable player was “ not consistent with the facts.” Did this mean, an honourable person was lying? Surely not! After all, this was Nonsenseland where the spoken word could be nonsensical.

Still, Nonsenseland was no stranger to scandals. The previous government had been immersed in scandal and had been punished by the taxpayers by being voted out of office. Yet, this “new” government had preached “accountability”  and “rule of law” now some people were wondering was “accountability” and “rule of law” just B.S. to fool the masses.

Unfortunately, the masses in Nonsenseland were victims of politicians. They voted these people into power then they were punished by these same politicians. Yet, the people, ever faithful turned out at election time for more of the same. Was this a form of political masochism? At one time there had been a chance of referendum and recall in the Land, but this had been conveniently ditched when the politicians merged into the one big political party that was now in power. So now there was no hope of recalling politicians or having referendums anymore on their conduct. And the present leader of Nonsenseland could not be recalled even if the people wanted to do so.

Some people were now wondering was the word “accountability” just another word to placate and fool the people into believing all was well in Nonsenseland. When in reality, based on the evidence in the political emails released, some of their honourable political masters and some of their powerful appointees were up to no good. Still, this was Nonsenseland where nonsense was acceptable and accountability was just a word that sounded good, and the truth was proving hard to find.

Stephen J. Gray
November 27, 2013.

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