Saturday, December 7, 2013

An Attempt to Bring Some Democracy

"If you look at this prime minister, he has done more to transfer power to the population and to the democratically elected parliamentarians than any prime minister in modern memory,..." – Tory M.P., Pierre  Poilievre, Minister of Democratic Reform, quoted in Huffington Post, 12/03/2013. [1]

“Democracy” talk was all over the news. It seems a Tory M.P. had finally discovered there was a lack of democracy in parliament. He had proposed a “Reform Bill” that would curtail the powers of some of the political leadership.  The Bill if passed would not come into effect until after the 2015 election. Then it was presumed “democracy” would now be enshrined into law and “freedom” would reign in parliament and throughout the country. Funny thing though, this was a country that had a “Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” So what happened to freedom and all the other “rights?” Well, in this land of “democracy” words were just words that sounded good, but in reality they meant nothing and were hypocritical.
Examples abounded of attacks on free speech and free expression [1a] by a government that trumpeted “accountability, transparency and rule of law.”

Yet, the public were expected to believe that this new “Reform Bill” would transform parliament. One wished it well, but based on the actions of the political and judicial elites in this land of “democracy” one could only assume it would be another exercise in political B.S. just like the much vaunted, “Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” [2] [3]

Still, this MP was to be commended for attempting to bring some “rights” back to parliamentarians.  Some people were on record as saying MPs already had some freedoms in parliament. But, they would have to show some backbone and stop acting like they had “Beaten Dog Syndrome” [4] stop cowering and crawling and show some courage.

Still, to show some courage in this country and speak out on non politically correct issues can get people into trouble with most of the politicians and the politically correct media. One columnist even praised the leader of the land as a ‘control freak’ and likened politics and free speech to “quality control.” Of course, this guy is one of the “experts” on who should be allowed to speak. And another media “expert” even wrote this about the Reform Bill it “would mean anti-abortion candidates and cranks would sometimes win nominations, and leaders would have to find ways to explain that to voters.”  I guess people are “cranks” who don’t fit his view of society. And is being “anti-abortion” somehow not permissible? One would think any person with any semblance of human decency would be “anti-abortion” in this country after hearing of this atrocity [5] that most of the media and the politicians covered up.

Anyway, at least democracy is now being talked about. But, as the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” And boy do we ever need some action in this country to clean up the nonsense and bring back some accountability. [6] Otherwise, the word democracy also means hypocrisy.

Stephen J. Gray
December 7, 2013.


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