Friday, December 27, 2013

Should We Say Goodbye to Sovereignty?

Should we say good bye to our countries?
Is sovereignty being “free traded” away?
Are treacherous politicians and their lackeys
Allowing the multi–national corporations to hold sway?

Do giant trans-national corporations have a plan for you?
Are they telling their political puppets what to do?
“Free trade” is the political slogans and “creating jobs” is the cry
The negotiations are done in secret; just don’t ask why

You know you can “trust” your “governments”
And the corporate chieftains too
They are looking after your “freedom” and “welfare”
Do you believe that’s true?

The world is now a globalized marketplace
The toilers are the indebted human race
Trans-national corporations move from nation to nation
And the “rewards” are more and more exploitation

Cheap labour with no restrictions
Are these the corporate cannibals’ prescriptions?
Who needs health and safety rules and regulations?
Should we just leave it up to the corporations?

Do they owe no allegiance to any country?
Do they plunder the earth for their bounty?
They hide their profits in tax-free havens
Aided and abetted by governments in many nations

Capitalism and communism are in bed together
Ethics and morals are dead in the water
The good ship called “Principles” was sunk long ago
And “strategic partnerships” go with the flow

Most of the media “praises” the corporate/communist “deals”
Are they mostly cheerleaders for the corporate big wheels?
Perhaps the journalists are afraid of losing their jobs
If they criticize the corporate and communists mobs?

Or perhaps they have to praise, promote and propagandize
And be in favour of the state owned communist franchise
Because the fascist system needs it all to fit
Are the politicians and the media the “useful idiots”?

Meanwhile, people everywhere are taxed to the hilt
They have to pay the never-ending bills
Still, this is “democracy” and there are no borders
The Globalists and the Money Changers are imposing The New World Order

Stephen J. Gray
December 27, 2013.

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