Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Message from Our Great Leaders

Hello People of the Earth. Hope you are all having a nice day whatever time zone you are in. We, your great leaders are confabbing daily about the latest crisis or “coup” we organized in Ukraine, [1] oops, we mean started, oops we mean plotted. Heck, just let us tell you all the truth. We are up to our necks in another regime change and have nearly caused another civil war, just like we did in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and all the other countries we have a “responsibility to protect.” As you have heard us say before “bringing democracy” is not an easy task, but with the help of your sons and daughters that we have in our armies; they will serve on the front lines as we your leaders lead from our bunkers. After all, some persons have to be in charge and who better than us?

You all have to understand making War is a business [1a] and it is good business for the war industry, oops. I mean the “defence industry.” We know some of you are probably not thrilled about all this killing, destruction, maiming and slaughter that is taking place courtesy of many of the world’s politicians and [2] war industries, oops there we go again, we mean the “defence industries” [3] [3a] [3b]

We sometimes supply both sides in wars, but hey all this mayhem we create and pay for with your tax dollars creates jobs, even though it creates hell on earth for lots of people. But, it also creates opportunities. We bring “peace” to some countries after destroying them then we get contracts to rebuild the devastation we caused. Is this not a truism? “Out of evil comes good,” and of course more profits for our corporate friends. All in all it’s a win, win situation except of course for the victims of our madness, oops we mean victims of our, “business.”

It is sad that there are so many victims, dead and otherwise, homes destroyed, children killed and parentless, refugees in numerous camps, all because we “brought democracy.”  Still, at the risk of repeating ourselves, we have a “responsibility to protect” and if there is millions slaughtered, oops, we mean millions dead of, “collateral damage” so be it.

Anyway, there is a bright side to all this. Our great organization called NATO gets to be a player in all this mayhem. And a reason for being, just look at its record in Libya.
“Elements of al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups were known to be key players in the NATO-backed uprising in Libya from the beginning, but now it appears that prominent Jihadists and terrorists are practically leading the revolution with Western support.” [4]
The New American August 30, 2011.

And of course with your Tax Dollars, “the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] has just begun construction of a splendiferous new $1.38 billion headquarters on a 100-acre site in Brussels.” [5] Surely, that is good news for all you taxpayers out there in these days of “austerity?” [6]

Anyway, we have rambled on too long. We are just trying to fill you in about all our successes. So keep the faith. Keep voting for us, and you people living under dictators and despots, (who we support) try and accept your lot in life for as you can see “democracy” has its problems too.

Stephen J. Gray
March 6, 2014.