Monday, August 11, 2014

The War Makers to Meet in Wales

“The NATO Summit is being held at the Celtic Manor in Newport this September
They've been described as the diplomatic talks in which the ‘entire world order is at stake’”.

“A temporary no fly zone will be put in place across parts of south Wales during the NATO summit next month.”

“On 4 to 5 September 2014, Wales will host the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in Britain as the UK hosts the NATO summit.... The summit comes as NATO draws down from its longest ever mission in Afghanistan and against a backdrop of instability in Ukraine. It is an opportunity to ensure that NATO continues to be at the forefront of building stability in an unpredictable world.” [1]

“NATO continues to be at the forefront of building stability...” those words are surely written in jest by a political comedian! Stability, indeed! Where is the stability in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine? All countries now in chaos, suffer instability and bloody civil wars, after being “liberated” by NATO [2] and its “political warriors.” [3] 

The “political warriors” and NATO now have Ukraine as their next big “stability” building program. An article headlined: “Nato Summit 2014: Ukraine crisis response will top agenda, says UK Defence Secretary” [4]  Wales Online, June 3, 2014, article by Graham Henry,  went on to say: “Nato’s summit in Newport this autumn will be “crucial” in setting the future course for how the alliance responds to Russia, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has said.”

Ordinary people everywhere should be very wary of these politicians who are talking about how their, “alliance responds to Russia,” and who are bypassing discussions in their own parliaments and ignoring democracy. Still, there appears to be forces at work determined to integrate countries similar to the integration done under the undemocratic European Union (E.U.) This “integration” is being done by political puppets under the slogan of “free trade” and “global security” and “economic integration” It has also been called “economic treason.” [4a] [4b] And of course some of these countries happen to be members of NATO.

“Efforts to expand NATO are strikingly misguided.  Traditional military alliances were created to advance a nation’s security.  They were not intended to act as clubs for international business, associations for shared values, or tools for political integration.”

Integration is the political buzzword these days, and is used to camouflage the real agendas of the puppet masters who caused a civil war in Ukraine. These puppet politicians know a coup was organized in Ukraine and a democratic government overthrown to suit the “machinations of organized evil.” [5] [5a]

Is this evil now prepared to risk a nuclear war with Russia to attain its objective of a New World Order [6] using NATO as its warmongering [7] military arm? Make no mistake a large part of the world is in bloody chaos from the decisions of these bloody warmongering fools and their “war business.” [8] Millions of refugees, millions dead, thousands of soldiers dead, homes destroyed, cities decimated, children dead and maimed, and these “political warriors” in expensive suits who don’t fight in battle are going to decide their next blood soaked venture in Wales. All planned in luxury surroundings, paid for of course by the taxpaying serfs, [8a] who also do their fighting for them. And obey their death dealing orders.  One has to ask. Are there political war criminals running loose? [9] And are they so powerful that the, rule of law does not apply to them, since they run and control the system called “democracy?”

Still, we taxpaying serfs are paying for NATO’s “democracy” with our taxes. Billions go into this war machine and some of it is “unaccounted for.”

But hey, what are a few billions of the peoples’ tax dollars? That’s their role in life to pay for the political elites who send the peoples’ sons and daughters to war so that the war industry can continue to reap its bloody profits. Now NATO and the war makers are going to meet in Wales to continue “building stability” for the masses. Aren’t the masses lucky to have such “leaders?”  NATO their war beast is even prepared to wage Nuclear War to bring “stability” for us all. After all, it is “an unpredictable world.”

“As part of its military doctrine, NATO relies on nuclear weapons, including the strategic nuclear arsenals of the United States and the United Kingdom, and U.S. B61 tactical gravity bombs based in five other member states as part of NATO’s nuclear sharing arrangements.”
"It would be our policy to use nuclear weapons wherever we felt it necessary to protect our forces and achieve our objectives."
Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, Testimony to House Appropriations Committee, 1961

Stephen J. Gray
August 11, 2014.




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