Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Canadian Troops to “be based in Kuwait.” A country that funds “terrorist groups”

“Our ally Kuwait has become the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.”

“Defence Minister Rob Nicholson says an advance military team will leave Trenton, Ont., for Kuwait next week as Canada gears up to join the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq.... The government announced Thursday that Canada's fighter jets and surveillance planes bound for the war against ISIL would be based in Kuwait.” The  Canadian Press October 11, 2014.

Does it make sense to base our troops in a country that reportedly funds terrorist groups? Have our political leaders gone quite mad? Could our troops be in danger? Could their strategies and plans be compromised if this “ally” is suspect?
The Washington Post of April 25, in an article by Karen De Young, had the headline: “Kuwait, ally on Syria, is also the leading funder of extremist rebels” The article went on to say:

“Until recently, tiny, oil-rich Kuwait avoided public scrutiny as attention to terrorist financing focused more sharply on Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar....Last month, the administration decided to go public with its concerns. In a remarkably undiplomatic statement that officials said had been cleared at senior levels, Treasury Undersecretary David S. Cohen called Kuwait ‘the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.’”

And an article in the Guardian U.K. of August 31, 2014, by Owen Jones said this:

“Then there’s Kuwait, slammed by Amnesty International for curtailing freedom of expression, beating and torturing demonstrators and discriminating against women. Hundreds of millions have been channelled by wealthy Kuwaitis to Syria, again ending up with groups like Jabhat al-Nusra....”

It would appear based on the evidence above, that some of the West’s “allies” in their bombing coalition are funding terrorists. Yet, our Prime Minister has signed an agreement, “Canada-Kuwait FIPA” with Kuwait. [1] And according to the U.S. government Kuwait is, “the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.” Which makes one wonder: “Does Stephen Harper Have Questionable Allies?” [2] One also wonders, where is the Canadian investigative journalism reporting? Is it bizarre that our troops are being based in a country that appears to support terrorists? Yet, this country is supposed to be an “ally.”  Meanwhile, I have not seen any of the corporate media in Canada raise questions about this. Though one must say journalist and author, Michael Harris did raise questions about the media in an article titled: “Harper, Iraq and the slow collapse of Canadian journalism” October 9, 2014, at IPolitics. Where he wrote, “the decline of journalism in this country, which in turn affects how much the public knows.”  [3] I myself wrote that the “corporate news media” was missing in action in a recent article I posted on my blog. [4] I believe much of the corporate media is not asking pertinent questions about some of our “allies” in this questionable coalition that is going on a bombing spree, nor are they exposing all the facts. [5]

Turn on the TV “news” or read the “newspapers” and you will mostly find that criticism or exposure of the “allies” who are funding ISIl/ISIS/ is almost non-existent.  Therefore, I believe, an article submitted to the corporate media in Canada that had the headline at the beginning of this article would be censored or rejected. Such is the sorry state of the “news” media in Canada today. Which makes one wonder are other stories  being censored as well?

Stephen J. Gray
October 15, 2014.


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