Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Assassins in the Sky

Some innocent people out there will get an unwanted surprise
They are going to be bombed by assassins in the skies
The missiles will rain down and lots of bombs too
Innocent people can’t hide so what will they do?

They will die in their homes with their children crying
Bodies will be everywhere, some dead, others dying
Fires will rage during day and night
Hell upon earth is a hellish sight

Thousands of miles away a powerful politician
Will watch from his bunker and his role in perdition
He was applauded by his followers for joining the war
Has our society become rotten and depraved to its very core?

Treason and treachery are brothers in this battle
Funding both sides should be the “allies” death rattle
But misinformation and propaganda is a politician’s forte
Aided and abetted by word “warriors” who can sway

They frighten the masses by marketing terror
Only war can “save you” and make you better
The T.V. “news” omits to expose and mention
That it is some of our “allies” who are funding the enemies’ perversion

Bombing and more bombing in order to protect and save
The real enemy is our “allies” who funded the depraved
Meanwhile out there the innocents will suffer and die
Victims of politicians’ who control the assassins in the sky.

Stephen J. Gray
October 8, 2014.

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