Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Monstrous Crimes of the Monsters in our Midst

“There are monsters in our midst
Did you know they exist?
They plan and plot for many wars
They are Satan’s warmongering whores”...

These whores of war live amongst us, and some are “people” that have held positions of power in governments past and present. Others are members of “think tanks,” and “war colleges” or are “experts” in the “need for war.” Others, are the bloodthirsty corporate cannibals that make blood soaked profits off death and destruction. [1] These people constantly utter the words, “rule of law democracy, and human rights.” Yet, these same unctuous villains are responsible for the destruction of a number of countries. Some of these countries are Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen the list goes on and on. (None of these countries invaded us.)The fallout from the actions of these war criminals is this, millions are dead, millions are refugees, soldiers are dead, or are maimed, civil wars rage in the rubble strewn countries where once there was mostly peace and the perpetrators who started the fires of war are free. These people should be called, The War Arsonists.

These fire starters from hell have created hell on earth. They can be seen posturing and pimping for war on the “world stage.” Waving their hands in group pictures, elegantly dressed, and feted, and well fed off taxpayers dollars. Life is good for them, (Life is hell for their victims that are still alive.) and there is no sign of any remorse for the bloodshed and carnage they have perpetrated upon the unfortunate countries mentioned earlier. Instead, they are protected by the obedient serfs in smart uniforms, when instead they should be arrested for crimes against humanity. These atrocities could be called: The Unpunished War Crimes of the War Criminals

They have formed themselves into war gangs [1a] and meet in various countries where they pay homage to their satanic paymaster. See: A Report On The Business of Satanic Evil

This evil gang are literally getting away with murder, and seem to be untouchable, because the system has become totally corrupt. Therefore, the question has to be asked:  Who Will Bring Them To Justice For Crimes Against Humanity?

At one time the investigative media would have had banner headlines exposing the war crimes and criminality of those in positions of power. Now the media have become complicit by not exposing the hellish and bloody planning of the war criminals, and their consorting with the terrorists that they are supposedly fighting. [2] [3] In fact, one could say that they are all in bloody bed with: The United Scoundrels of Atrocities (USA)

The atrocities committed on these unfortunate countries and their populations are not only a terrible blight on our civilization, but are a testament to the failure of law and order. We live in a time where evil has taken control. In fact one could ask: When War Criminals Rule is This What Happens?

In conclusion there is overwhelming evidence that there are war criminals running loose in our society. [4] Therefore they must be brought to justice. Otherwise this corruption and endless wars will continue. So the obvious action must be to: Arrest Them  As their evil decisions have lead to, The Trail of Blood, Bodies, Destruction and Death, That Leads to the War Criminals in Our Midst

A compendium of evidence can be seen at this link below:

Finally, these monsters must be put on trial similar to what was done at Nuremberg.
“The Nuremberg trials were a series of trials held between 1945 and 1949 in which the Allies prosecuted German military leaders, political officials, industrialists, and financiers for crimes they had committed during World War II.”

If they are not restrained and put in chains
These caricatures of “humanity” will bring the end game
Planners and plotters of killing, and of murder
Organizers of evil tearing the earth asunder

Invaders of countries that never invaded them
These are the war criminals; are they totally insane?
Could the final acts of these madmen be coming our way?
Will nuclear war be the end of, The March to Doomsday?

Stephen J. Gray
November 16, 2016.


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