Thursday, November 3, 2016

There They Sit

There they sit in their “halls of power”
Making decisions daily and by the hour
Voting for “illegal” wars in countries around the world
Where many innocent people are maimed and killed

“Let’s invade Iraq,” they said, and did
But they stayed home and mostly they hid
They sent others to do their dirty work
Who killed and bombed and went berserk

Then they voted to bomb Libya in another illegal war
Safe in their “house of rules,” from all the blood and gore
Their fat derrieres parked on cushioned seats
While innocent victims’ overseas, cry and weep

Syria is another, victim of the sitting Ghouls
The taxpayer funded, members of misrule
Carnage and corpses, and another country destroyed
By the sitting war criminals of conscience, devoid

Producers of refugees, misery and bloody death
Is it any wonder that “Jesus wept”?
They are responsible for crimes against humanity
Can anybody stop their treacherous insanity?

Now they are seeking another country to invade
Will it be Russia, as they let loose tirades?
These NATO-rious warmongers are “champing at the bit”
Will they get their comeuppance, if the nuclear missiles hit?

Will nobody arrest them or put them on trial?
These demons of death, these “persons” most vile
Do their hellish decisions come from out of the Pit?
Is Satan their master, from where they sit?

Stephen J. Gray
November 3, 2016.

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