Friday, February 24, 2017

Plenty of Money for Endless War

There is plenty of money for endless war
There is no restraint on blood and gore
There is plenty of money for tanks and bombs
And bloodstained profiteers burst into song

There is plenty of money for NATO’s war palace
The home of those that plan the war’s of malice
All paid for by the serfs’ compulsory taxes
This Brussels H.Q. is where the warmongers’ relaxes

A place where death and destruction can be plotted
By those who are of numerous wars besotted
Should they be called, “The Ghouls of the Earth”?
Is this a luxurious place where evil gives birth?

A place where war and killing can be discussed
A lair of death that some people praise and trust
A place that creates huge numbers of refugees
All done by “successful bombings,” if you please!

A place that reportedly funds and helps terrorists
Surely, that should be designated treacherous?
Has the war system become evil and treasonous?
Why does nobody ask these questions, or make a fuss?

Will it all end in a terrible nuclear war?
Will planet earth finally be no more?
Is there time left for people to abhor?
Because, there is plenty of money for endless war.

“The refugee crisis should be seen as the warning signal that the United States and its NATO allies – especially Britain and France – are bringing the world to a state of chaos that is going to keep spreading and that is approaching a point of no return.   It is quick and easy to break things. Putting them back together may be impossible. Civilization itself may be more fragile than it seems.” Diana Johnstone, September 7, 2015.

Stephen J. Gray
February 24, 2017.

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