Saturday, April 8, 2017

Donald You Fooled Us

Donald, you were elected into a big White House
Now you are acting like a warmongering louse
Bombing other countries as you think and see fit
Yemen and Syria you have already hit
Donald You Fooled Us

People believed you, when you promoted peace
Now that you are elected the bombings don’t cease
The war criminals are now applauding your dangerous sorties
You sent “59” missiles into Syria: is this your forte?
Donald You Fooled Us

Will nuclear war be your gift to mankind?
Unfortunately if this happens, nobody will be left behind
The destroyed planet will be all aflame
A hellish end to your mad reign
Donald You Fooled Us

You are now in the company of those that support terrorists
Is this what you want? Or do you need a Therapist?
Your credibility is shot, and there is no pun intended
Many of your supporters are now bloody offended
Donald You Fooled Us

You said if elected you would clean and, “Drain the swamp”
Now the swamp residents are now cheering your “pomp”
They know it’s a return to good old “business as usual”
And the people that supported You, are wondering if you’re delusional?
Donald You Fooled Us

People are fed up with double crossing politicians
That are, leading them down the road to perdition
You were believed, and that all this would change
But now, they realize it’s just a dirty political game
Donald You Fooled Us

Stephen J. Gray
April 8, 2017.

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