Thursday, April 20, 2017

Who Will Arrest The War Criminals? Or Has Justice Been Subverted?

“To the extent that the UN participated in these war crimes along with Washington’s European, Canadian and Australian vassals, all are guilty of war crimes. Perhaps the UN itself should be arraigned before the War Crimes Tribunal along with the EU, US, Australia and Canada. Paul Craig Roberts, April 15, 2017.

The evidence is overwhelming that illegal wars were planned on a number of countries. This has resulted in millions of deaths, millions of refugees. Soldiers dead or maimed after obeying the orders of the war criminals (past and present) that never fight in wars, but live in luxury off the blood of innocents. These ghouls of the earth need to be arrested and put on trial instead they are protected and given fancy titles to their names. The evil that these villains have perpetrated upon the world is almost impossible to put into words. But, I will try, by calling them:
“The Scumbags of the Western World and Their “Allies” that Fund and Arm Terrorists”

These war criminals reside in various countries. But, they all follow the dictates of “the land of the free.” This land believes that it has the “freedom” to bomb, invade, and plan to destroy any country it so wishes.
Their diabolical “plan” is described in the must-listen-to video below:
“General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years”

“The U.S. government leads the world in assassinations. No other regime can come close in this remarkable achievement. Every month, there are new assassinations. The process never stops. People are being assassinated on a regular basis by national-security state officials. The assassinations include American citizens. State-sponsored assassinations have become an ordinary part of American governmental life. The U.S. government also leads the world in bombings. Every day, new bombs are dropped on people. We don’t even know how many people are being killed by the bombs. We don’t know who the victims are. It doesn’t really matter....” Jacob G. Hornberger, September 23, 2014

“It has become embarrassing to be an American. Our country has had four war criminal presidents in succession. Clinton twice launched military attacks on Serbia, ordering NATO to bomb the former Yugoslavia twice, both in 1995 and in 1999, so that gives Bill two war crimes. George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and attacked provinces of Pakistan and Yemen from the air. That comes to four war crimes for Bush. Obama used NATO to destroy Libya and sent mercenaries to destroy Syria, thereby commiting two war crimes. Trump attacked Syria with US forces, thereby becoming a war criminal early in his regime.”

“Quite a record. Western Civilization, if civilization it is, is the greatest committer of war crimes in human history.” Paul Craig Roberts, April 15, 2017.

“While the US Congress questions the legitimacy of the war on Libya, the Canadian parliament with one dissenting voice, votes in favor of extending Canada’s participation in an illegal and criminal military undertaking:” Prof Michael Chossudovsky, June 16, 2011.

“Some officers in the Canadian Forces tried to raise concerns early on in the war that removing Gadhafi would play into the hands of Islamic extremists, but military sources say those warnings went unheeded. Later, military members would privately joke about Canada’s CF-18s being part of ‘al-Qaida’s air force,’ since their bombing runs helped to pave the way for rebel groups aligned with the terrorist group....” David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen, March1, 2015.

The maniacs of militarism continue their bloodstained march into countries around the world. Searching for enemies so that the “war business” can continue to reap its blood soaked profits. Meanwhile, the houses of ill repute, called “parliaments” continue to vote for more and more wars and the useless war mongering politicians’ parade on the “world stage,” dangerous clowns that need to be arrested. Therefore, I ask, based on the evidence available: “Are There War Criminals Living In America, Canada, England, Germany, France and other NATO Countries?”

(Note: Some info was sent to politicians and media in Canada regarding NATO countries treacherous behaviour, helping and consorting with TERRORISTS. No reply was ever received. SJG)

In conclusion, one can only hope we never see visited upon us the hellish carnage that our “leaders” have unleashed upon people in other countries. Still, that old saying “You reap what you sow” might come true someday.

Someday if bloody wars should ever come to you
You will realize, what other people went through
You could see your homes reduced to smoking rubble
You will ask, if still alive: “Who created this hellish trouble?”

Your “leaders” of course, could be the answer
They bombed other countries and created disasters
Now it’s your turn to feel the anguish and pain
You can “thank” your “leaders,” are they totally insane?...

“War is madness” - Pope Francis

Stephen J. Gray
April 20, 2017.

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