Friday, July 28, 2017

A Message to the Past and Present Ruling Leaders

The People of Yemen are being slaughtered because of what you do
You sold arms to the Saudis and formed a bombing coalition too
Famine and cholera are the result of your criminality
Yemen is being destroyed because of your sick mentality

You are war criminals that deface the face of the earth
Evil war mongering monsters and a total curse
If there was any justice you all would be arrested
But, sad to say, “justice” has become corrupted

War perverts inhabit and walk the “halls of power”
Yes, I’m talking about you, a filthy dirty shower
Fancy titles in front of your names cannot hide your evil
You really are disgusting and a coalition of weasels

You arm and finance terrorists, that’s what you reportedly do
Hypocrisy is your forte and your propaganda media too
A great big cover-up has taken place of all your treachery
And TV News and Newspapers are mostly a journalistic mockery

The world stage is your platform to kiss and embrace
While you are murdering many of the human race
Protected and cosseted in luxury by armed security
When you should be arrested for corrupting your authority

Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria are all the dirty “work” of your gang
If there really was justice many of you I believe would hang
Do you deranged war criminals realise what you have done?
This is a message to you, the past and present ruling leaders and to everyone.

“Retired Canadian diplomat Patrick Armstrong says that while the US government threatens military action against Syria, Washington and its NATO allies continue to ignore the ongoing killing of thousands of innocent civilians in Yemen.”...

"Of all the events ignored by the Western media conglomerate, the two-year-old war in Yemen is probably the most important," Armstrong said. "Quite why this war is being fought, nobody can say. Nonetheless practically everybody in NATO is involved in supporting it." ...

Stephen J. Gray
July 28, 2017.

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