Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Ghouls of the Earth

The ghouls of the earth are in control
To the devil they have sold their souls
Creators of chaos, filth and war
Expensively dressed and rotten to their core

The world stage is their platform
Where they shake hands and embrace
You can watch these villains perform
As they murder the human race

Their head office is: “The House of Blood”
The House is white, but conceals the crud
A place where murders are planned
A place that plans war in many lands

The carnage creators feed off the atrocities
Massive profits are made off bloody ferocities
Corporate cannibals are vampires in suits
And all the ghouls are counting their loot

Criminals and gangsters are in control
The evil they perpetuate has taken a toll
Countries destroyed, millions are dead
Millions are refugees, and millions have bled

Who will bring justice and truth as well?
Who will arrest these demons from hell?
Who will punish them for their satanic role?
The Ghouls of the Earth are in control

Stephen J. Gray
July 15, 2017

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