Friday, December 15, 2017

A Christmas Message for the War Criminals

There is no “Peace on Earth” because of what you do                    
Millions are dead and their homes destroyed, all “thanks” to you
Some cities have been reduced to burning, smoking rubble
And some countries are now in chaos; you started all this trouble

Millions are in refugee camps, and millions wander the earth
Many refugees are drowning in the sea, or lying dead in the surf
Bombing, killing, blood and gore is your legacy to humanity
All of you posture on the world stage and promote more bloody insanity

So as you toast each other and drink glasses of blood red wine
Perhaps in your hypocrisy you don’t realise that you are, the “Gadarene Swine”
Fiends dressed in expensive suits, with “honourable” titles to your names
When you all should be in prison gear, and hanging your heads in shame

Instead you all are free, and spending time with your loved ones
While those people still alive are victims of your bombings and guns
Many of their families you destroyed, and killed their children too
There is no Merry Christmas for them; “whited sepulchres” are you

Christians are also slaughtered in illegal wars all because of you
And some of you are supposedly Christians, is that really “true”?
And the good book says, “Brother will betray brother to death”
And you financed and supported terrorists. Have you no morals left?

So this Christmas season as you lounge in luxury, loathsome splendour
Your Christmas or holiday cards should read, “We are the death senders,” “We make countries unliveable, and commit crimes that are unforgivable”
That would be a true Christmas message about you the evil War Criminals

Stephen J. Gray
December 15, 2017.

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