Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The ‘Great Satan’ and His Satanic Gang of War Criminals

There are monsters in our midst
Did you know they exist?
They plan and plot for many wars
They are Satan’s warmongering whores...

A few years ago the epithet, ‘Great Satan’ [1] was used to describe the USA.  Today, that epithet could be deemed appropriate when one sees all the atrocities and carnage committed by America and its allies.
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen are some of the countries destroyed by the agents of evil masquerading as doing “good.” Their demonic “work” could be called, “The Diabolical Destroyers of a Number of Countries.”

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
William Shakespeare

None of the above countries invaded us. Yet, the West and their NATO “allies” have been involved in the colossal carnage that has left these countries destroyed, decimated and ruins of smoking rubble. The fallout from all this planned and plotted evil is, millions of people are dead, and their cities and homes are destroyed. Millions are refugees, either in camps or wandering the earth, or drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to escape the horrors that were visited upon them by the well dressed fiends from hell. Something very evil has been loosed upon the world.

Killing, bombing, destroying, and torturing [2] their fiendish bloody atrocities are demonic and obscene. Numerous assassinations are the forte of their leader the ‘Great Satan’.

“The U.S. government leads the world in assassinations. No other regime can come close in this remarkable achievement. Every month, there are new assassinations. The process never stops. People are being assassinated on a regular basis by national-security state officials. The assassinations include American citizens. State-sponsored assassinations have become an ordinary part of American governmental life. The U.S. government also leads the world in bombings. Every day, new bombs are dropped on people. We don’t even know how many people are being killed by the bombs. We don’t know who the victims are. It doesn’t really matter....” Jacob G. Hornberger, September 23, 2014

The Genocide in Yemen is another horrendous example of what these demons of death, masquerading as “leaders” have perpetrated upon the people of Yemen. These well dressed villains in expensive suits supplied the weapons that are killing and destroying the people of Yemen. One piece of political scum even described the selling of weapons to his head chopping “allies” as “creating jobs.” Make no mistake we have sick and perverted people ruling over us, and they inhabit all political parties. They may not fight in these wars but they sure as hell, created hell on earth for millions of people. Therefore I ask this question: Should some political leaders be tried as accessories after the fact?

The words below are just one horrific example of the satanic carnage perpetrated in Yemen by those who are our “leaders” and their “allies.”

“Over the past few months, I’ve seen and experienced things such as having to remove children as young as 5 months old, to 10 years old from under the rubble – most of whom came in chunks of flesh; whose heads had been detached from their bodies, or whose craniums had been completely emptied. I’ve seen the human body contorted and mangled in ways no nightmare can think up. In ways not even those of you who read the Bible’s descriptions of hell can think up. Whose limbs had been blown to shreds ; whose faces had become like masks. During a recent rescue effort, someone accidentally stepped on what used to be someone’s head, that reacted like a silicone mask. That was the extent of the damage caused by Saudi airstrikes bought mainly from the US and the UK. As a doctor, the human body is sacrosanct to me, as is life. Seeing all this for months has set me quite close to a mental breakdown, and I’m an adult with previous, similar experiences.” Adrian Rossi. Sanaa, Yemen, October 2, 2017

In closing: This is a world in hellish turmoil, ruled by total hypocrisy and satanic evil,  and its master is the ‘Great Satan’ and his satanic helpers. Where and how will it end, one might ask? Will a nuclear war bring an end to this evil filth that is running amok? Will millions of innocents die in a coming apocalypse along with the mad men who are perpetrators of endless warring evil masquerading as a “good?”

“Woe to those who call evil good” (Isaiah 5:20).

Stephen J. Gray
December 20, 2017.


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