Sunday, September 9, 2018

He/She is “Anonymous”

An article was published in a national newspaper
The writer was Anonymous did he or she, receive a favour?
Surely, if a person believes they are writing the truth
He or She should act ethical and be a recognized “sleuth”

Instead the author hides behind the anonymous label
Is he or she’s screed of words, just a “fake news” fable?
Surely, if this person believes what they write
They should stop hiding and come into the light

It is easy anonymously to criticize any persons’ character
By creating media hysteria; and letting things fester
Yet, he/she hides in the shadows, enabled by a newspaper
Has “fake news,” got a publisher, or just a caretaker?

Newspapers we are told are democratic and “searchers for truth”
Then the real name of Anonymous should be known forsooth
Why is this newspaper that appears to be self righteous?
Publishing a writer hiding behind the name: Anonymous

Stephen J. Gray
September 9, 2018.