Monday, September 24, 2018

Is Iran Next...?

Is Iran next to be invaded, and reduced to smoking rubble?
By the warmongers that plan all the war-making trouble
They have already destroyed a number of lands
And numerous bodies and blood stain the desert sands

Iraq, Libya, Syria and some other countries too
Are now in chaos, because that’s what war criminals do
Millions are dead, and millions are refugees
While many others drown, and die in un-friendly seas

Millions are homeless their houses destroyed
The perpetrators of these acts are of sympathy devoid
In a world of justice these criminals would be punished
And in secure prisons they would forever languish

These demons of war that destroy countries today
Sit in the seats of power and with murder get away
They are the unctuous hypocrites that spout “rule of law”
And some of their grovelling followers hold them in “awe”

What kind of evil resides in the hearts of murderous women/men?
That causes them to obey obscene orders, again and again
Bombing and killing, destroying and maiming
Setting countries on fire and deliberately inflaming

Countries where the inhabitants once lived, peacefully
Many had homes and jobs and lived serenely
Then the plotters and planners undermined their society
Agents and war criminals with no ethics or propriety

Is all the aforementioned, what is planned for Iran?
An illegal invasion; and is that the plotters plan?
The same modus operandi, with the same terrible effects
That destroyed a number of other countries: Is Iran next?

Stephen J. Gray
September 24, 2018.

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