Friday, November 7, 2014

Harassment Runs Wild In Nonsenseland

Nonsenseland was in an uproarious frenzy, some Masters of Politics (MPs) had been accused of harassment. Their accusers were unnamed and as yet unknown. A few people wondered about the presumption of guilt when those who claimed harassment remained anonymous. Surely, those proclaimed guilty were entitled to know and see their accusers? But no, this is Nonsenseland where a person can be declared guilty without a trial. Was this not also a form of harassment and discrimination some might ask? To which the answer is: “No, No, No, this is Nonsenseland being normal.” This harassment claim had opened the floodgates for the hidden harassed. Now others were saying they had been harassed, some of them years ago. The media were in a feeding frenzy and went into search mode seeking to find anyone else who had been harassed by Masters of Politics (MPs). Nonsenseland’s political panels reported a state of emergency and were regaling and conversing with each other with stories of harassment hell. One male person even reportedly said he hoped his husband was watching him on T.V. as he talked about his harassment.
Columnists of newspapers were in their glory and numerous articles were written under the headings of “Harassment.” The TV news and airwaves also ran with the harassment stories and one cynical person was heard to say “it’s not only the political system that has harassers, the whole country is in a state of harassment and being harassed constantly by politicians.” Suggestions were even being made that “harassment panels” should be set up, perhaps something similar to “human rights commissions” where a person was guilty until proven innocent. Other suggestions were that laughing, looking, leering and loitering were a form of harassment. Others suggested that perhaps a “blue ribbon panel” could be set up to investigate harassment. Some others suggested a retired judge or eminent person could chair an investigation into harassment, but only if these people had never harassed anybody. Somebody else suggested that if these respected people were to chair panels on harassment they should first be cleared by an anti-harassment board. To which somebody else said: “Who will give a clean bill of health to the anti-harassment board? The person asking that question was told. “Don’t ask stupid questions.” To which that person replied, “Why are you harassing me”?

A number of people listening to all this harassment talk and reading all the media columns on harassment were starting to wonder perhaps they were being harassed also. Was harassment contagious or infectious in Nonsenseland? After all, harassment comes in different forms and can quite easily be construed as affecting ones ability to function normally in Nonsenseland. Does that make sense? Hey, this is Nonsenseland where nothing makes sense, therefore it is appropriate to accept nonsense as normal. Anyway, harassment is a serious business and hopefully all those in Nonsenseland suffering from harassment will be able to declare Nonsenseland a harassment free land from harassers and politicians some time soon.

Stephen J. Gray
November 7, 2014.

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